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SPRING/BREAK Los Angeles Returns to Culver City

SPRING/BREAK Art Show returns for its fourth Los Angeles edition during Frieze Week LA, from February 16th – 19th, 2023, with a special First Look on February 15th.

Installation view, BANG! SPIT! SNAG!, works by Jamie Clyde, curated by Coco Dolle, Milk And Night SPRING/BREAK Art Show Booth #19, Skylight Culver City, California, 2022 milkandnight.com/

The curator-driven fair will once again be staged in the Skylight Culver City factory space, featuring over 60 curator-led exhibitions under the Neo-Renaissance theme NAKED LUNCH. Standout features of the SPRING/BREAK LA 2023 show include a performance and installation by actor Parker Love Bowling and video artist/musician Shane McKenzie centered around Bowling’s new book of poetry curated by Co-Founders Andrew Gori and Ambre Kelly; An exhibition curated by celebrated writer and filmmaker Chris Kraus of the work of Brigitte Engler; A movie poster exhibition of films associated with post-war screenwriter Fanya Foss, all oriented around the single Alice Neel painting that depicted, as its subject, Fanya’s humbler pre-Hollywood beginnings, curated by Cade Tompkins; For the adventurous, a ‘tattoo glory hole’ curated by Nora Lucia Boyd, with artist and licensed tattoo artist Kevin Hennessy accepting various body parts of willing participants through a cavity, leaving the resulting permanent tattoo application on the brave recipient entirely up to chance and the artist’s whim.

Curator Angelica Lorenzi + Hans Wendel, Hallway Husk, Stucco, styrofoam, airbrushed acrylic, hair, 17x18x8in, 2022, Artist Matt Reynolds

New this year will be a ‘SINGLE/PALM Award’ for Best Curation. Designer and former curator Carlton Dewoody, alongside a Curatorial Selection Committee with members from the film and art worlds lead the annual award.

Curator Jac Lahav, Young People Follow the Beloved Leader, Oil on Canvas, 54×76, 2022, Artist David Howe

The 2023 venue, Skylight Culver City, is a 40,000 square feet haven. Built-in 1940, the industrial yet elegant site is nestled in the Arts District of Culver City, just a 15-minute drive from Frieze LA’s Santa Monica location. Following two successful West Coast editions in Downtown LA and one in Culver City last year, SPRING/BREAK has teamed up once again with Skylight Studios, whose mission is to unlock culturally significant buildings for groundbreaking exhibitions and celebrations.

We’re thrilled to build on a meaningful and long-standing partnership with SPRING/BREAK Art Show. They combine their curatorial eye with the storied architectural bones, history and character of our venue.

Skylight Culver City is the perfect place to showcase this year’s exhibitions, and we welcome the community to experience this beloved, artistic oasis in the heart of Los Angeles.

Stephanie Blake, CEO of Skylight Studios
Claire Foussard, Untitled 6, Colored pencil and ink on paper, 20x28in, 2022, Ashoona Samayualie

2023 SPRING/BREAK LA CURATORS INCLUDE Abigail Ogilvy Gallery, Adam Englander, Angelica Lorenzi + Hans Wendel, Anne-Laure Lemaitre, Ben Ward, Chris Kraus, Bryan de Roo, Cade Tompkins Projects, Casey Baden, Christopher Stout + Michael Gormley + Cory Dixon, Claire Foussard, Dan Halm, Fred Fleisher, Fred Mann Projects, Gallery 352, Gallery Urbane, Grace Bromley, Hannah Turpin, Heinz Patatzki, Jac Lahav, Jacob Rhodes + Katie Hector, Janet Loren Hill + Jonell Logan, Julia Curran + Melissa Vogley Woods, Katherine Rakoczy, Laura Horne, Lisa Levy + Phil Buehler, Mariana Peragallo + Thomas Martinez Pilnik, Maria Garcia-Vasquez, Michael Slenske, Normal Royal, Nora Boyd + Tyler Krasowski, Nora Martin-Hall, Patricia Sweetow Gallery, Paulina Bebecka, Peter Dudek, Peter Gynd, Paz, Rohksane Hovaida, Rufus Knight-Webb Gallery, Tara de la Garza, Track 16, TECHNE & more

2023 ARTIST SPOTLIGHT Dasha Bazanova, David Alexander, Eva Mantell & Joel Beck, Greg Haberny, Lena Christakis, Lizzie Gill, Melissa Godoy-Nieto, Mike Chattam, Parker Bowling + Shane McKenzie, Ronan Day-Lewis, Sarah Bereza, Shelley Burgen, Takashi Horizaki

Curator Paulina Bebecka, Due to the Image, The Last Supper oil on canvas 2021, 106-x-137.5 in, Artist Alessandro Gianni

Tickets available for VIP events and Regular Show Days at SpringBreakArtShow.eventbrite.com

SPRING/BREAK Art Show, New York City and Los Angeles’ curator-driven art fair, resumes its mission to offer free exhibition space in order to foster exploratory exhibitions in atypical art environments. By keeping overhead costs for independent curators low, their focus can be on emerging and mid-career artists, as well as installation, performance, interactive and video work. 

SKYLIGHT is a placemaking and venue development firm for unique and significant real estate. Skylight identifies and transforms underutilized properties into flexible canvases for best-in-class brands in fashion, art, media, and technology. Founded in the wake of the 2008 recession, Skylight was born to provide creative, revenue-generating solutions to challenged real estate. With a portfolio spanning NY, LA, SF, Chicago, Detroit & Ontario, Skylight continues to provide proof of concept for property owners and brand partners alike by creating the foundations for the most innovative experiences and events.  



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