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5 Stand-Out Artists at SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2024

As one of the first people to arrive at SPRING/BREAK 2024, I noticed that the show had an immediate intimacy and playfulness that beheld itself to more casual encounters with artists and curators, unlike many other art shows. Unique art forms ranged from AI-driven works to more traditional mediums. Curators and artists played with the theme this year of interior/exterior in diverse ways.  

You will want to stop by to see works by these 5 artists and chat with the artist or curator. 

1 Ryan McCann in The Otherverse Portraits curated by Ryan McCann LA, Booth A10 

Ryan McCann initially makes figurative clay molds, which he then uses as models for his portrait paintings. His portrait paintings offer a humorous look at how people’s inner musings transmit to their personalities and how they carry themselves in society. Ryan also captures candid athletic pursuits of figures with contorted limbs. In this show, you can see Ryan’s tennis scenes, portraits, and clay molds.

2 Daieny Chin in Daieny Chin: Mythos Unveiled curated by Gabrielle Aruta with Filo Sofi Arts LA, Booth B1

Daieny Chin’s paintings are rooted in Chinese and Korean mythology and folk tales. Her works are at once broad storytelling themes and personal reflections of the artist’s inner world. Her imagination comes into form through self-portraits with animal symbols, including snakes, tortoises, birds, rabbits, and cats in domestic and natural landscapes. The warm hues complement the mythological themes. 

3 Anaja Hvastija Gaia in Just As You Are: The Duality of Being curated by Sophia Ballesteros LA, Booth B5 

Anaja Hvastija Gaia paints unidentifiable feminine figures and backdrops. The figures and landscapes create a sense of solace with the unknown. In this unknown place, room exists for the ever-unfolding and evolving nature of identity, human potential, and self-discovery. Her paintings evoke Rogerian psychological elements of unconditional positive regard for the enduring inner human experience.  

4 Mary Henderson in Hello Neighbor curated by Sarah Gamble, Booth C2

Mary Henderson captures candid and sometimes awkward everyday moments and reflects on relationships between strangers, friends, and family. Moments waiting at a crosswalk, the outdoor market, and the coffee stand are some of the glimpses in time. These hyper-realistic paintings are reminiscent of photographs printed in nearly monochromatic color schemes. White frames that Mary makes surround the miniature paintings.

5 Kendalle Getty in The Hostile Home curated by Gage Spex LA, Booth C6

It is hard to miss Kendalle Getty’s booth with “The Hanged Man” on the wall, reflective of an inverted tarot card that symbolizes procrastination, insecurities, frustration, and disappointment. The inner confusion continues to be shown outwardly through chaotic scenes of old food on a table, a chair ridden with nails and mirrors capturing song quotes with undercurrents of despair and angst. Among other surprises is a chair adorned with crystals that took over a year to grow.

SPRING/BREAK public days are from Wednesday February 28th – Sunday March 3rd at 5880 Adams Blvd, springbreakartshow.com



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