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Popular Jewelry Seen on Runways


The runway is often seen as defining future fashion trends, whether that’s the hottest new shoes of the season or the trending color. Jewelry is an important part of an outfit. It can add that needed sparkle or tie together a whole look. Women’s jewelry on the runway varies from intricate little studs in the ears that will twinkle in the light, to large necklaces that are covered in jewels and have intricate detailing. Sometimes simplicity is key; a simple look can appear quite put together with the addition of a body chain or a choker. The runway can often produce unique looks that can seem strange but at the same time brilliant. Jewelry can add uniqueness to an outfit without completely taking away the focus from the main pieces.


Cuffs are the perfect accessory for dresses or sleeveless tops. Bare arms can instantly be glammed up with a cuff. Many fashion shows have had models strut down the runway in metallic cuffs with tassels – this can act as a really strong and eye-catching piece to add to an outfit. Designer brands such as Prada have cuffs that are a little more subtle, often in pastel colors with a satin or silk finish. Cuffs can be made of many different materials and consist of different colors and patterns; Fendi’s 2022 show featured models with acrylic, colored cuffs that had matching bracelets. The great thing about cuffs is they can easily match all of your other jewelry, enabling you to easily mix and match all of your accessories across many different outfits. 

Body chains

Body chains consist of long chains that can be tied and fastened around any part of your body. Some of these chains are plain silver or gold, whereas others have charms scattered across them. Body chains are not limited to simply just sitting across your waist; they can be draped over your shoulders and connected at your hips. There truly is endless freedom with how to style them. If you’re someone who’s not a big fan of metallic jewelry but are still wanting to accessorize, body chains are definitely the way to go. Chanel’s 2022 runway had models with pearl body chains. This is perfect for anyone looking for something a little more dainty. Don’t let body chains intimidate you! You can start simply and slowly by wearing one as a belt around your waist and then possibly progress to something with charms that drape around your shoulders or chest. 

Anything silver

Silver jewelry is definitely having its comeback. Often regarded as an edgier alternative to gold jewelry, silver definitely has a timeless look to it and is extremely versatile. Necklaces that have large silver pendants can act as a real statement piece, or something subtle with a thin chain can act as a delicate accessory that completes your look. Hermes has partnered their collections with long, simple silver earrings that stand out against its block-colored pieces. Not too long ago, chokers made their comeback from the ‘90s, and the runway is already littered with bedazzled and silver chokers on models from brands such as Tom Ford and Richard Quinn. The chokers are often paired with dresses with both low and high necklines, as well as very simple earrings, letting the choker take center stage and act as a statement piece. 

The rainbow

Color is not only for the summer, so don’t let the rain and clouds of winter stop you from dressing head to toe in bright hues. Silver and gold are not for everyone, and sometimes a bit of color can liven up a monochrome look. Dior has their models wearing stunning chunky acrylic rings that are brightly colored and patterned. It might seem intimidating at first to wear something extremely brightly colored during the winter or fall, as these seasons are usually associated with dark colors such as burgundy and navy blue. You can definitely still wear these colors, but perhaps consider adding a touch of bright yellow or some hot pink earrings. This can add some freshness to your outfit, as well as pops of brightness. 

Natural stones

The only stones that are usually seen on the runway are gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, or sapphires. The new trend is actually wearing shells and raw stones. This adds an earthy edge to an outfit. Designers such as Gabriela Hearst have recently been dressing their models with flat cross-sections of geodes, which is an extremely unique look that immediately draws attention to the jewelry. If you’re looking for a conversation-starter, having jewelry that consists of natural stones and shells is definitely the way forward.



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