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Mobile Vs Desktop for Online Casinos: What Are the Differences?

Groceries, taxis, shopping; in this day and age we use mobile devices for practically everything. While we’re not quite at the point where they are life essential, they can indeed make most parts of life run a lot smoother, which may explain the huge percentage of people worldwide who now own one.

One of the more prominent beneficiaries of this has been the online casino world, which has taken everything appealing about real-life slots and casinos and made it available online. Mobile gambling now makes up a significant portion of the total global online gambling industry, but the question is, how does it compare to playing on a PC?

How do online casinos work?

Essentially, you can find any kind of gambling online that can be found offline, from card games to wheel games to digital slots, plus a range of games that are only really possible online thanks to the technology involved. You can even have live casino games with someone in a studio acting as the dealer or host depending on the game itself.

Online casinos tend to have a lot of promotions and events, such as matching the first deposit value, cash-back offers, or bonus spins. For example, all you have to do is check here for the latest casino bonuses and offers to get a sense of what’s out there. These promotions act as a way of persuading new and returning customers to try out the site’s services and do so by offering free spins for players. By doing this, sites can remain relevant, a vital marketing tool in a competitive industry.

The key differences in how you play

On the mobile side, the big pluses are the flexibility and convenience; you can play anywhere that you have a stable internet connection. Many major casinos have produced their own apps, and these can feature exclusive bonuses and promotions that aren’t available elsewhere.

Other than the mobile apps themselves, virtually every single modern casino game that is produced is carefully adapted to be mobile-friendly. Given that just over 72% of Americans alone owned a smartphone in 2021, it’s no surprise that developers are leaning that way, and a quick look at any developer’s game library will show that even the desktop versions are based on the mobile version and not the other way around.

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