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Top 5 Vape Essentials You Need in Your Travel Kit

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular for various reasons, with convenience still being among its most significant advantages. Pods make it easy to get your nicotine hit without having to carry around a lot of extra gear, box mods let you customise your vape experience, and sub-ohm vaping means you can get more volume and flavour out of your e-juice.

But what if you want to take your vaping on the road? Whether you’re going on a business trip abroad (don’t forget to check the vaping regulations in a destination country then!) or a cross-country vacation, you’ll need to ensure you have all the vape essentials in your travel kit.

Cotton swabs or pads for cleaning, a small bottle of e-liquid, or an extra set of coils in case yours burn out – these all are must-haves for any vaper who wants to keep their vaping experience satisfying even when far from home. Read on, and we’ll walk you through the five vape essentials you need in your travel kit.

Good Travel Case

The first thing you’ll need is a good travel case to store your vape kit. While you can easily fit your vape and a few pre-filled pod refills in a plastic baggie, it’s not the safest option. A good travel case or vape pouch will protect your vaping gear from damage and spills and keep it from firing if you accidentally drop it.

We recommend picking up a hard-shell travel case specifically designed for vapes and other e-cigs, atomisers, etc., to help you keep everything organised and neat. Plus, it’ll protect your vape from dirt and other contaminants.

Quality Vape Coils

The coils are one of the most critical elements of your vape kit, as they make your vaping experience unique and potent. If any of them burns out while you’re travelling, you might feel like your whole trip is ruined. As such, always bring an extra set or two of coils with you, so you’ll have a backup if one in your vape burns out.

Some vapers also like to bring extra tanks since changing them is easier than swapping out the coils.

Bottle of E-Liquid

If your transportation allows it, you should bring a bottle of e-liquid with you. Depending on how much you vape, it may only take a few days to go through your e-liquid supply. If you run out while you’re travelling, you’ll need to buy more at the airport or whatever destination you’re heading to – and the prices there are usually higher than they are at home.

Apart from that, different countries have different vaping regulations. For this reason, you should check whether bringing your vape kit with you is legal in the first place and if you can buy e-liquid at your destination. You probably have your favourite flavour, so it’d be a shame to get there and not be able to find it!

Cotton Swabs or Pads

Since you may not be able to take rubbing alcohol with you (since TSA only allows small bottles in carry-on baggage), you’ll need to come up with another way to clean your atomisers and other parts. Cotton swabs are generally considered safe to bring with you, and you can use them to remove gunk from your tank, clear wicks, and more.

You never know when you’ll need a clean wick, so it’s best to be prepared. For instance, if you have a spare tank with your kit, you can use the cotton from the cotton ball on the end of a Q-Tip to clean your atomiser.

Portable Charger

This is an often overlooked essential, but it’s a good idea to bring a portable charger with you when you travel. If you forget to charge your battery before you head out or run low on juice while you’re on the road, the portable charger will let you keep vaping without spending a fortune on batteries.

Your phone charger is probably among the first things you throw in your bag when packing up. With that, make sure your charging cable is compatible with your vape – iPhones, for instance, use a lightning cable, which typically isn’t the same as the micro-USB that most vapes use. You’ll need to pack a separate charger for your vape or a portable one with two suitable cables.

The Bottom Line

Packing up your vape and other essential gear can seem daunting, but with these vape essentials in your travel kit, you’ll be able to stay relaxed and enjoy your trip. Bringing a bottle of e-juice and extra coils are a good idea, as are a travel case and some cotton swabs or pads.

Remember that not all vape gear is allowed in checked baggage. Check out the TSA website to verify whether or not your mod and other equipment are permitted on planes – if they’re not, you’ll have to check your bag or ship it ahead of time. Happy travels!



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