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AIRBAG, Rafa Silvares

Rafa SILVARES Love fever, 2022 Painting – Oil on linen 210 x 210 cm (83 x 83 in)

Peres Projects will open AIRBAGRafa Silvares’ (b. 1984 in Santos, BR) second solo exhibition at the gallery. AIRBAG opens May 20th and will run until July 1st in their new space in Seoul. 

A hum of optical vibrations oscillates this exhibition, comparable to that of a hushed auditorium awaiting the start of a performance. In a departure from his previous work, this new series discusses the interaction between stages of form, where abstraction versus figuration and organic shapes battle angular structures in a discursive debate. Revelling the tension between these two polarised components, Silvares positions himself as the conductor and referee in mediating the friction they permeate, whilst harmoniously diffusing them against one another.

Rafa SILVARES AIRBAG May 20th – July 1st, 202 Peres Projects, Seoul 



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