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Cigarette Alternatives That Are Better for Your Health

Artist Made Vape Pen High Fashion

E-cigarette and nicotine alternative sales have increased as a result of increased public concern about smoking’s link to the COVID-19 virus, which has now been declared a global pandemic. As a result, a large number of people in the United States are on the lookout for safer alternatives to cigarette smoking.

Data from seven studies involving a total of 1,726 patients revealed a significant link between smoking and the severity of COVID-19 outcomes, as reported by the World Health Organization. Even before this year, an increasing number of smokers switched to nicotine replacements instead of cigarettes, which contain an average of 7,000 toxins.

Even though e-cigarettes and other tobacco-free products are safer than traditional cigarettes or chewing tobacco, it is still preferable to avoid their use by minors. Furthermore, because nicotine alternative products are subject to very little regulation, the vape liquid may contain errors during production.

There are many alternatives to smoking cigarettes that are better for your health. Vaping e-liquid or hemp flower, for example, has health risks that we’ll discuss as well.

Compared to smoking, is vaping a healthier option?

Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers found that vaping was associated with healthier alternatives than regular cigarette smoking, according to the organization. For starters, smoking exposes you to at least 7,500 potentially harmful chemicals each time you take a drag. While this is true for smoking, it’s not true for vaping.

Some people find it difficult to make the switch from smoking to vaping, but the health benefits are undeniable once you do. Even though we don’t know exactly what chemicals are produced in the vape cloud, we know it’s far healthier than even 100% tobacco cigarettes.

Don’t Vape THC Cartridges from the Black Market.

Dispensaries in states where marijuana is legal to sell cartridges containing THC oil made from the plant’s flower. In spite of the fact that these cartridges aren’t good for your health, they’re better than smoking cannabis.

Black market distributors, on the other hand, buy their cartridges and packaging online and attempt to pass off their oil as dispensary-quality. Unfortunately, some black-market distributors thicken their cartridges with vitamin E acetate, which gives the cartridge the appearance of high-quality oil, often as thick as molasses. This is a serious problem. The “vape lungs” reported in the media are caused by vitamin E acetate.

Hemp Flower

Hemp flower is another popular e-cigarette and cigarette substitute, and it’s significantly healthier than cigarettes. 30 seconds to 3 minutes after smoking or vaping the CBD flower, the effects begin to take hold. Edible hemp flowers can be found in everything from cookies to gummies, and some people prefer it that way.

Final Note

In 2020, there will be a wide range of safer alternatives to smoking cigarettes. You can try hemp pre-rolls or other herbal options such as lavender that offer advantages over tobacco use.



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