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‘Good Company,’ a solo show of works by Brixton based artist, Layla Andrews. 

Portrait: Layla Andrews

Opening this week at Soho Revue ‘Good Company,’ a solo show of works by Brixton based artist, Layla Andrews. 

Fittingly shown in the heart of Soho, ‘Good Company’ celebrates the joy of human interaction. The exhibition will showcase a collection of group scenes, still lives, and sculptures, which reflect on the importance of joy after the sombreness that has come to define the past two years. Andrews draws upon personal experiences, observed interactions and collected treasures to create a body of work which aims to entice viewers into surreal worlds and inspire an environment of conviviality and fun. 

Layla Andrews Havana Club

Combinations of unlikely objects and figures characterize the work displayed in ‘Good Company.’ Crabs, crocodiles and cowboys are ubiquitous characters in Andrew’s scenes of revelry and unusual compositions of objects offer an invigorated take on the still life genre. In one work, two humans are transmogrified into a pair of crocodile-headed musicians and play to an invisible audience. A sleeping cowboy watched over by a small army of crabs is the subject of another. In a third and particularly charming scene, the viewer is witness to a dinner party, at which three croco-humans and a panther eat shrimps and drink wine. A bright colour palette and expressionistic style help bring her worlds alive and humorous but often riddlish titles further entice the imagination. Yet it is through the surrealism of her scenes that Andrews aims to humour her audiences, encouraging fresh perspectives and new narratives through which the mind is encouraged to wander. 

Layla Andrews The Diplomat 2022

Soho Revue is also excited to be featuring a series of sculptures including ‘Rachel,’ a monumental lobster which the artist made during her time as artist in residence in Brixton Village. Marking the start of a foray into sculpture, ‘Rachel’ is one in a series of crustaceans, each of whom are named after key female family members. Made from recycled rubbish and second-hand materials, these sculptures extend her interest in found objects and love of treasure, whilst also enlivening her characters, bringing them off the canvas and into the gallery space. 

Layla Andrews Land Crabs Under the Moon

Layla Andrews Good Company 14th of April – 30th of April 2022 at Soho Revue

About the Artist

Layla Andrews (b.1997) is a Brixton-based artist known mainly for her large scale, figurative and
abstract portraits. Layla’s paintings are collected globally and have caught the attention of many,
including President Obama who praised Layla’s work and encouraged her to further her art career.
Layla has exhibited in galleries including Livingstone St Ives, Big Yin Gallery, and the Old Bank
Vault. She is currently the resident artist of Brixton Village, where she has recently curated an exhibition for international women’s day. @laylandrews



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