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Top Expert Tips for Excellent Landscape Photography and Why You Need a Portable Power Station

As an artist or social media influencer, you will agree that there is so much beauty in nature. There are so many sights and sounds to experience and share with everyone else. 

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Surrounded by so much natural beauty around you, here are some great tips to help you take the most amazing landscape photos for your collection the next time you are in the great outdoors.

Time your Shoot

By all means, shoot during the golden hour, also commonly known as the magic hour. And yes, there is such a thing as the golden hour, and it is no myth. This is the time just before sunset, or just after sunrise. At this time, the sun is quite low in the sky, creating that beautiful, diffused light with a warm glow which is great to have for those amazing shots. Again, this light will allow you to capture long shadows with your shots, adding to them so much depth.

Midday light, on the other hand, can give you some very harsh contrast to your pictures. Of course, you can work around compensating for this, but it can be so much work. This is not to mention that you may be too lazy to go out and capture that perfect shot when the hot sun is in your eyes.

Select the Right Exposure Settings

With landscape photography, you want to get as clear and sharp an image as you possibly can. To do so, you need to be careful with the exposure settings you select. A mid-range aperture will do just great and you can look forward to clear pictures with this setting.

Again, this may not always be the best pick, depending on what you’d like to capture. If, for example, there are elements in the background or foreground that you’ll like to capture for that deep and creative shot, then go for a high aperture. On the other hand, if you are keen on blurring out some elements from your shot, then use a low aperture setting.

Go for a Low ISO

Higher ISO settings tend to capture images that are grainy.  A low ISO, on the other hand, will allow you to get a clear, quality image while allowing you to shoot your photos with the aperture and shutter speeds you want. Something in the 100-400 range would be great for your ISO settings unless of course, you end up running the risk of missing your shot.

Get Aerial Shots

Everyone is all about drone-based aerial photography at the moment, and for good reason. Aerial landscape shots look great and using drones make aerial photography all that much easier. There is a reason why people love to stare out of aeroplane windows so much, and that is because aerial views are simply breathtaking.

Even if you don’t have a drone, you will do well to take some aerial shots by going above the landscape you want to capture. Again, there is a wide range of portable and affordable drones from which to choose for your outdoor adventures.

Carry Your Tripod

A tripod is an essential piece of equipment for a landscape photographer. As highlighted, if you are going to take your photographs in the golden hour without a tripod, then you will need to increase the ISO settings so as to avoid camera shakes. This may mean more noise in your photos. 

If you want to capture an image using long exposure or want to use slow shutter speed, it will all be so hard to do when you are holding the camera. You won’t be able to keep the camera steady enough the entire time, and you will only end up with blurry images from all the camera shaking.

Use a Polarizing Filter

A polarizing filter is perfect for reducing the glare in your images and enhancing color and contrast. This effect is especially great when you are shooting shots that capture the sky, water and some reflections.

You can easily screw the effect onto your camera lens. Rotate the filter accordingly to achieve the kind of effect you’d like. This may not be possible if you are using your phone camera or a point-and-shoot camera. The good news, however, is that there is a workaround, and this involves putting your pair of polarized glasses in front of the camera.

Use the Water as a Mirror

In the subdued light of the golden hour, water can create the most beautiful reflections and effects for that perfect picture. With your tripod set, and your camera set to shutter-priority mode, select a slow shutter speed and take the most amazing pictures using water as a mirror. It doesn’t matter how big, or how small the pond or lake is, as long as you understand how to work the angles. For sharper images, you can push up the ISO setting

Don’t Stop

There is always one other landscape shot waiting to be taken. You may think you are done for the day, only to come across the most amazing scene yet, and you’ll want nothing more than to shoot it. Don’t let a flat camera or phone battery stand in the way of that by ensuring you have a reliable source of power when you set out for the great outdoors.

You need to be all powered to capture great shots such as the wilder world desert landscape. For this reason, the Ecoflow portable power station is a must-have in your collection of gear! Yes, I’m repeating this because I love this feature that you should be able to get your shooting equipment charged 80% charged within an hour. Don’t forget your tripod and of course, the patience to wait on and capture that perfect landscape image for your collection.



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