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Are Wooden Rings Hard to Care For?

Fashion is constantly in a flux, and we often find ourselves going back to what used to be popular centuries ago.

So it makes sense that wooden jewelry is making a huge comeback in 2022, especially since more people are loving the different ways in which other materials can be infused with wood to make it more versatile. 

If you’ve never used wooden jewelry before, but are thinking about buying a few of your own, you’re definitely having a lot of doubts and questions in your mind about how good an option it is.

We’ve made this choice a little easier for you by answering most of your questions in this article, especially about how you’d have to care for your wooden rings! Let’s get started. 

Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash

How durable are they?

It’d needless to say that it’s going to be hard to care for a ring that’s flimsy and easily breakable. One moment of carelessness and it may cost you an important piece of jewelry, especially if you’re wearing a wooden wedding ring.

This is why it’s important to know where you’re buying your ring from, and what materials and methods are going into the making of your ring. 

For example, Alpine Rings, who happens to be a specialist in men’s wedding rings, is well-known for making wooden wedding rings that stand apart from the rest.

These rings are getting hugely popular with couples who wish to wear wedding bands that not only look and feel great, but also have a rugged touch due to the presence of materials like wood.

However, they’re rings stand the test of time, because they’re not made of wood alone, but are reinforced with sleek and strong metals like silver and tungsten. 

Most wooden wedding ring makers allow for customizable options, so while you can choose the color and finish of your choice, you can also include metals that make the overall structure of the ring more durable for the wear and tear of everyday life.

How careful do you need to be?

Many people opt for getting metal rings because they’re afraid of wood getting damaged when exposed to elements like water and moisture.

While this is a very understandable fear, it must be noted that when made into wedding rings and jewelry, wooden rings are generally made resistant to the environmental elements that they may be exposed to. 

For example, ring makers usually apply a coating of CA glue or other such materials to make it water-resistant. Additionally, they’re also pretty hardy and are made resistant to impact. This means that they aren’t going to shatter the moment you accidentally hit your ring against a hard surface. 

Things to remember

Like all jewelry, wooden rings also have a few things which you should avoid doing, as this may affect the quality of the ring in the long-run. Here are a handful of things you should keep in mind if you own (or plan on owning) a wooden ring:

  • Do not expose them to saltwater for prolonged periods of time. Like any kind of jewelry, saltwater can adversely affect the finish of the wooden ring. 
  • Don’t wear your ring if you’re going to be involved in any kind of high-impact activity, like rock-climbing.
  • Certain chemicals can affect the finished coating on your ring. For example, chemicals found in very strong house-cleaning detergents should not be brought into contact with your ring.

It’s best to always wear rubber gloves when using such harsh chemicals, as they aren’t safe for your skin either. Nevertheless, if your ring does lose its luster overtime, you can always get it refinished with your jeweler.



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