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KNOCKING IT OUT OF THE PARK a group show of work by 8 international artists.

SARAH PICKSTONE‘PORTAL 1 ( PROSPERO)’, 2021Oil and Acrylic on birch ply panel, 210 x 150 cm

Paint Talk & GALLERY46 present ‘Knocking It Out Of The Park’, a group show of work by 8 international artists Joshua Armitage, Klaas Op De Beck, Rage Guo, Christabel MacGreevy, Alexi Marshall, Sarah Pickstone, Sofia Shpurova and Pawel Sliwinski.

‘Knocking it out of the Park’ is the sequel to Paint Talk’s inaugural group show at GALLERY46 in April, 2021 – following on from The First Swing of the Bat, we have a clean hit that preferably clears the stands. A large crack permeates the night air, reverberates, echoing against collective joint inhalation. There is no time to dwell on the heat nor moisture loitering at every turn. We are unquestionably in the thick of it, the noise is deafening, time moves slower and faster simultaneously. Knocking it out of the park alludes to the constant onslaught of departures and arrivals in the studio throughout the process of creation. 

KLAAS OP DE BEE?CK‘KOFFIE ZONDER MOUWEN’, 2021Oil on canvas, 110 x 90 cm

Within the sphere of current painting, Paint Talk seeks to spotlight paintings by painters which undoubtedly occupy a world all of their own. Distinct languages which articulate unique and somewhat separate conversations housed under one roof.  

A common thread is a consideration of futures past, each artists practice engages with painted time, unflinching. Materiality, methodology and conceptual grounding are unanimous to each artist, they are bound by their expansive nature, a feeling of careful, clear delineation. Formally there are broad reaches in every direction, abstract construction, generous figuration, tight and regimented representation, colour and form woven in tapestry, layers chiselled and carved in woodblock, spaces which hold figuration alongside free abstraction, and work that evades strict categorisation. 

Knocking it out of the Park, a question of utopian outcomes, would a clean hit suffice? Probably. Taking off, sustaining prolonged flight and surpassing all recognisable terrain, a highly sought after destination, which has many faces. 

KNOCKING IT OUT OF THE PARK Thursday 25th November – 12th December 2021 at Gallery 46 gallery46.co.uk/knocking-it-out-of-the-park

SOFYA SHPUROVA‘Fluff ball ’, 2021Oil on linen, 160 x 142 cm



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