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5 Reasons To Choose Framed Canvas Prints For Your Home

Wall hangings are important in making a room look complete design-wise. By furnishing your walls with art, you also portray your unique sense of style to all who step into your house. While there are dozens of types of wall art, framed canvas prints have consistently been popular among many homeowners. There’s surely a reason for this, and that’s the main discussion point of this article. But first, a brief history of the use of canvas as a painting medium.

The history of canvas 

Canvas was made from tightly woven hemp, which is why it’s etymologically tied to the Latin word ‘cannabis.’ This was way back around the 16th century during the Italian Renaissance. (1)

Painters liked it because it was easier to use in humid environments than frescos. Canvas was also readily available, keeping in mind that sails were made from this material. From then henceforth, the use of canvas for wall art became very popular. (2)

Reasons to choose canvas prints

Here are five reasons to choose framed canvas prints for your home:

1. Excellent resistance to wear-and-tear

Framed canvas prints are somewhat resistant to wear and tear. You can even place them in high traffic areas, where people bump into the corners of the print occasionally. Also, canvas guarantees extra protection if you have young kids who like playing and touching everything in the house. It’s not easy for them to tear down or interfere with the framed canvas prints.

You can’t compare it to paper, which tears very easily. But even so, there’s no denying that there are high-quality and low-end framed canvas prints in the market. For best results, insist on purchasing museum-quality framed canvas prints from whichever local or online store you choose.

2. High durability

Given that the base product used to make canvas is both lignum and acid-free, the resulting material is archival. Therefore, your framed canvas prints can last for up to 100 years before they probably start fading. Furthermore, if they’re covered by UV-resistant glass or liquid lamination, they can last for more than 100 years without fading. (3)

The other factor that makes canvas durable is its ability to absorb moisture without getting disfigured. Unlike paper, the art print won’t get vague after absorbing moisture. Once it dries, the print regains its original brilliance.

3. Ability to add contrast

You understand that contrast is a critical element of art. According to ThoughtCo, it’s an excellent strategy to break up a work of art by intelligently inserting variation. Aside from the contrast within the print itself, it’s also worthwhile to integrate contrast in your interior design. (4)

Framed canvas art can help add contrast and variety in a room with decorations that are too ‘matchy.’ For instance, if you have white flowers, white chairs, white shelves, white cabinets, white walls, and a white ceiling, using a canvas print with a black frame will help give your space a bold contrast.

Framed wall art can also complement the rest of your house decor. For example, if you have furniture with silverish accessories or embellishments, a silver-edged frame could be an excellent complement.

Also, if the dominant color of your artwork blends with the color of your wall, you may need a contrasting frame to act as a border between your wall and the print, giving it a visual anchor. This way, you turn an otherwise monotonous decoration into an appealing one.

4. Non-reflective surface

One recurrent problem with average wall art is the uncomfortable glare that results from light falling on them. Reflection makes it challenging for you to make out the image depicted in the print. And that’s especially true if your house has direct lighting, instead of the diffused ones.

Fortunately, canvas is considerably non-reflective. You can always clearly see the image regardless of the lighting conditions in your home. And that’s what art is for; beholding and appreciating the artist’s work. In this same sense, you’d want to stick to naked framed canvas prints rather than those covered with glass. Also, arrange the art pieces strategically to make them work well with your lighting.

5. A touch of class

It’s everyone’s desire to live up to the current trends. In the home interior design realms, framed canvas prints are currently the talk of the town. 

According to eDecorTrends, the sale of phenomenal canvas artworks has skyrocketed in recent years globally. That implies that art enthusiasts across the world are aware of the general importance of art and the true value of canvas arts, which is why they’re installing such in their houses by every dawn of the day. (5)

You wouldn’t want to be left behind on this canvas frenzy. Installing such art pieces in your home portrays your deep sense of style. Any visitor to your home will marvel at how classy you are and heap genuine praises on you.


There are many benefits of using framed canvas prints. They’re resistant to wear and tear, highly durable, act as excellent complements to the rest of your house decor, make your house classy, and make a bold statement of your sense of style. For these reasons, don’t hesitate to order framed canvas prints from your favorite local or online store.


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