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10 Booths to see at The Armory Show 2021

The Armory Show opens its doors for VIP previews this Thursday 9th September and runs through to 12th September featuring 157 physical exhibitors from 37 countries. We have chosen 10 booths that you should try and see if you make it to the Javits Centre.

1 Roberts Projects

 Jeffrey Gibson WOULD I LIE TO YOU, 2021 , printed canvas, acrylic paint, rice paper, 141.6 x 116.2 x 6.7 cm Courtesy the artist and gallery

Roberts Projects presents paintings and sculptures by ten contemporary artists introducing critical questions and contemporary aesthetics. Evoking epoch-making art history, Amoako Boafo, Dominic Chambers, Daniel Crews-Chubb, Alexandre Diop, Lenz Geerk, Jeffrey Gibson, Wangari Mathenge, Betye Saar, Taylor White and Brenna Youngblood work through deeply personal experiences, rewriting personal and collective stories, and celebrating identity not simply as an imposed category, but as one actively defined. The juxtaposition of these artists brings into focus how they are creating their own legacy, interpreted through images of their making, in a complex present and unknown future.

2 Carl Kostyál  Booth 226

Arghavan Khosravi Phantom Reflection,  2021 Acrylic and colored pencil on canvas stretched over wood panel
23 x 28 in. (59 x 71 cm) Courtesy the artist and gallery

Carl Kostyal presents THE SECOND SEX a presentation featuring works by Gina Beavers, Ana Benaroya, Francesca Facciola, Arghavan Khosravi, Hannah Lupton Reinhard, SunWoo Curated by Katharine Kostyál

3 Victoria Miro Booth Booth 308

Doron Langberg, In my Lap 1, 2021, oil on linen, 45.7 x 61 cm, 18 x 24 in, © Doron Langberg, courtesy the artist and Victoria Miro

Victoria Miro presents a three-artist presentation of new paintings by Hernan Bas, Kudzanai-Violet Hwami, and Doron Langberg. With a focus on painting, the booth features new works by Kudzanai-Violet Hwami and Doron Langberg, who are concurrently holding their first solo exhibitions with the gallery in London, and Hernan Bas, who is celebrated for works that are permeated by an aura of eroticism and decadence, while celebrating moments of transformation — the ordinary becoming extraordinary.


Rob Pruitt, Poser, 2020 Courtesy the artist and gallery

MASSIMODECARLO presents a two-artist presentation of artworks from Tomoo Gokita, and Rob Pruitt

5 Jessica Silverman Booth 207

Clare Rojas, Nature’s Abstract, 2021, detail. Courtesy the artist and gallery

Jessica Silverman presents “Foreseeable Women,” a curated show that explores the relationship between the imagination and the environment, body and mind. The booth features paintings by Clare Rojas and Hayal Pozanti, sculptures by Davina Semo and Claudia Wieser, and weavings by Margo Wolowiec.

6 Simon Lee Gallery Booth 122

Eric N. Mack Mood Ring, 2020 Acrylic, dye, paper on moving blanket 182.9 x 200.7 cm (72 x 79 in.) Courtesy the artist and gallery

Simon Lee Gallery presents works by Mel Bochner, Sonia Boyce, Angela Bulloch, Rachel Howard, Alex Hubbard, Donna Huddleston, Chris Huen Sin Kan, Valentina Liernur, Eric N. Mack, France-Lise McGurn, Paulina Olowska, Claudio Parmiggiani, Georg Karl Pfahler, Jim Shaw, Mika Tajima, Clare Woods and Toby Ziegler.

7 Hales Booth 313

Kay WalkingStick, Approaching Yosemite, 2014 FAD magazine
Kay WalkingStick, Approaching Yosemite, 2014 Courtesy the artist and gallery

Hales presents work from Anthony Cudahy, Andrea Geyer, John Hoyland, Virginia Jaramillo, Rotimi Fani Kayode, Ebony G. Patterson, Maja Ruznic and Kay WalkingStick. Which aims to reflect the gallery’s roster, programming and vision in historic and contemporary works that are powerful in concept and form.

8 Josh Lilley Both 109

Rebecca Manson, Gale, 2021 Courtesy the artist and gallery

Josh Lilley presents in-depth presentations from Rebecca Manson (b. 1989, New York, NY) and Ryan Mosley (b. 1980, Chesterfield, UK), and a significant large canvas from Nick Goss (b. 1981, Bristol, UK).

Rebecca Manson presents new ceramics limning closely observed nature with narrative and extreme pathos, from delicate wall-mounted bouquets to Gale, an 8-foot whirl of leaves rising up in an imposing ecstasy. Manson’s first full display of work in her native New York follows her solo debut at Josh Lilley in Spring 2021.

Ryan Mosley presents a suite of small portraits of men and women isolated from the artist’s signature scenes, with their features alone providing clues to their identity and pasts. The presentation of new works coincides with the artist’s first solo exhibition at Josh Lilley opening in October.

Nick Goss’ Allotment is an eerily still, unusually specific depiction of an alley garden, a work whose main character is perhaps a mighty city tree. The painting came into being alongside the works in Margaritas at the Mall, Goss’ second exhibition at Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin, opening tonight.

9 Sorry We’re Closed Booth 406

Matt Kleberg The Troublemaker (Absolutist Absolution) 72” x 264” in seven parts 2021 Courtesy the artist and gallery

Sorry We’re Closed present a solo presentation from Matt Kleberg

10 Anat Ebgi Booth 230

Tina Girouard Pink Floral (Lillypad), Undated (1990s) Sequins and beads on fabric, 85.1 x 88.9 cm Courtesy the artist and gallery

Anat Engi presents a curated selection of works by ten artists for The Armory Show 2021. This presentation represents a cross-section of our varied and interconnected program that fosters emerging and historic artists including  Alec Egan, Alannah Farrell, Tina Girouard, Jaime Muñoz, Jordan Nassar, Neil Raitt, Robert Russell, Sigrid Sandström, Cosmo Whyte and Faith Wilding.

Among the featured works are historical collaborative sequin works of Tina Girouard, a largely overlooked, but key artist within the New York post-minimal and Pattern and Decoration movements. Connected to Girouard’s collaborative craft, is Palestinian-American Jordan Nassar, whose work with traditional forms of embroidery and craft ruminates on issues of the diaspora, cultural authenticity, and political activism. His collaborative embroidered pieces for the presentation present a dialogue between his own position as a young member of diaspora and the women of the West Bank.

Issues of diaspora and cultural hybridity are also echoed in Cosmo Whyte’s work, the artist renders imagery of historic protest and black activism in semi-abstracted charcoal on paper works. Avowed eco-feminist Faith Wilding’s vibrant watercolor and ink drawings are dense with nature-infused imagery and express interconnectedness, while exploring visionary iconography of the energy and force of growth. For the first time we are also presenting works by Los Angeles artist Jaime Muñoz, whose visual language is focused on aspects of identity, the commodification of labor, religion, and critiques of Latin American colonialism and Modernism.

Thick impastoed paintings by Alec Egan are premised on fictitious memory, willfully playing on conceptual tropes of nostalgia as well as formal concerns such as pattern, color, and light. Each of Alannah Farrell’s portraits are a protest, an exercise in safety, community building and nurturing intimacy against the alienation, anxieties, and violences of modern queer life. The surreal landscapes of Neil Raitt address the function of painting in an era of digital art, his compositions exist as a suspension of illusionary space and traditional senses of perspective. Robert Russell’s ‘Teacup’ series addresses ideas of memory, iconography, and mortality in a personal language that is attentive to beauty, the history of painting, and the role of photography. Sigrid Sandström’s elusive abstract paintings of non-inhabited places call forth a range of associations from landscapes to cosmic forms—the raw canvas ground against a playful and expressive color palette.

The Armory Show September 9th-12th Javits Center VIP Preview Day: Thursday, September 9th 10am-8pm thearmoryshow.com Public Days: Friday, September 10th, 12–8pm (Pommery Soirée 5–8pm)
Saturday, September 11, 12–8pm Sunday, September 12, 12–7pm




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