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3 Bold Moves To Transform Challenges Into Opportunities

During the last year, we’ve all been challenged to find creative approaches to turmoil. Whether in the artist community, as a home dweller, or as a global citizen, many of us are seeking ways to sustain our creative spirit—despite all odds.

If you’ve been feeling isolated, lonely, or in need of inspiration, think about taking small steps to go forward. Creative coaches emphasize the importance of starting where you are and taking even the smallest step forward. 

Here are three bold ways to transform challenges into opportunities.

Express Your Creativity

Whether you’re a student, professional, or master artist, times of crisis invoke new dimensions of creativity.

You may find solace in the work of young artists, who also have been challenged during this incredibly tumultuous and uncertain time. TOGETHER is a multimedia celebration for young artists from the UK and USA, with over 30 works of art.

In addition to getting inspired by the work of passionate students, find time to express your creativity. Many creative professionals find that their medium-of-choice has shifted during the pandemic. Painters have turned to pencil drawings. Oil painters have shifted to watercolor.

As you explore your creativity, expand your media, technique, and expression. This is a perfect time to be bold and express ideas in new ways.

Embrace Your Home

Did you ever imagine you’d spend so much time at home? If you have been getting cabin fever and going stir crazy, you are not alone.

This is contributing to a huge increase in home improvements, home remodeling, and home renovation. One of the biggest trends is that people are finally tackling the projects and irritations that have been prevalent for some time. The top remodeling projects include: dealing with condensation on the inside of windows, remodeling the attic, and expanding space for home offices. 

Are you thinking of doing projects on your own? If you’ve been struggling with whether or not to address some long-standing problems in your home, talk with a professional remodeling specialist. Contractors are immersed in the latest products, newest trends, and cost-saving alternatives. 

Although many homeowners start remodeling projects with full intention to DIY, this can be a poor decision. Is your time best spent pulling out caulking, and redoing window seals? Or would you be better off moving your creative career forward by spending time creating, expressing, and monetizing your artwork?

Expand Sustainable Efforts

In recent months, we have all become increasingly aware of the fragility of our planet. This is inspiring many creative artists to actively adopt a sustainable lifestyle. 

According to the CDC, a sustainable or ‘go green’ lifestyle is entirely within reach for individuals, couples, and families. We can create this change by making smart decisions daily. If you’re curious about how to take your creativity into daily purposeful action, start by making specific changes in your home, your office, and your food selection. 

Make Your Home Sustainable

Look at your home through the lens of sustainability. Where can you use less electricity? Where can you reduce water intake? Where can you upgrade insulation to stay energy-efficient?

Ask key questions in every room of your home. Look at every system and appliance. Create a targeted plan of action. 

Make Your Office Sustainable

Check out your office, studio, or collective workspace. Where could you encourage recycling? How can you engage your team to use alternative transportation? What can you do to modify work schedules and continue collaborating—remotely?

Make Your Food Choices Sustainable

Evaluate your nutrition and food systems. Do you have room to start a small herb and vegetable garden in your backyard? Is there a vacant lot in your neighborhood? Could you get friends together to start a community garden? 

Even if you don’t grow your food, choose local and seasonal produce. This is a smart way to support local growers, farmers, and small food producers. You’re doing your part to support a healthy community and environment.

Final Thoughts

Creativity is not a distant or remote island. It is alive and well in how we choose to live our lives. By taking the challenge of our current conditions, we can rise to a higher level of creative expression—in our art, in our homes, and our communities.



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