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Are slot machines rigged?

Slot machines are popular for a plethora of reasons, with simplicity, ease of use and fun gameplay being some of the rock-solid arguments. Played online and in land-based casinos, these games appeal to millions of people from all over the world. They can be immensely entertaining for players from all walks of life, but only if they can fully trust the algorithms. Many people fear the prospect of slot machines being rigged, but the truth is that this danger is vastly exaggerated and can be avoided quite easily.

No rigged slots at respectable gambling brands

Competition between casinos is just as intense online and offline, as gambling companies fight for customers. Reputation is one of the most important qualities and it is something that takes a lot of time to build and can be lost quickly. Established online casino UK gambling brands can’t afford to have any suspicion lingering over them and go to great lengths to straight things out. All their games are monitored in-house by developers and many casinos choose to work with independent auditors to add another layer of safety.

When you sign up for an account at a licensed and regulated slot sites, the odds of being scammed by unfair games are slim to none. Slots fall into this category and casinos are particularly interested in maintaining a reputation for fairness and transparency. That’s because these are the most popular games for casinos and they attract both casual and veteran punters. The house edge is the guarantee that the casino will always make a profit in the long run, so there’s no need to meddle with the algorithms.

The downside of slots is that they are not played against real croupiers, so punters don’t know exactly what happens behind the scenes. This is where independent auditors come in, providing the reassurance needed by real money gamblers. Once they certify a game as fair, they publish their seal of approval at the bottom of the websites. This gives players the peace of mind of knowing that the slots were verified for fairness and no problems were detected.

Online slots from top suppliers can be trusted

The online gambling landscape is diverse and there are dozens of software developers producing slots. The biggest names in the industry have been around for decades, which gave them plenty of time to build a name for themselves. NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech are just a few software developer specialized in producing slots for online casinos. Their games are some of the most reliable ones that can be found online, as they use trustworthy software and are verified both in-house and by auditors.

Back in the day, online slots were regarded as less reliable than their land-based counterparts. Now that the online casinos providing them are reputable, the slots they offer can also be trusted. In fact, it is more reassuring to spin the reels of these games online than in local gambling parlors. Major land-based casinos are subject to a lot of scrutiny, but smaller game rooms don’t enjoy the same level of attention. The bottom line is that in many regards online slots are more trustworthy and less likely to be rigged.



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