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Wandering Intuition, a solo exhibition by leading figurative artist Henrik Aa. Uldalen

HENRIK ULDALEN Muda, 2020 Oil on canvas 150 x 100 cm courtesy of JD Malat Gallery

Wandering Intuition, a solo exhibition by leading figurative artist Henrik Aa. Uldalen. Presented on JD Malat Gallery’s virtual exhibition platform, PARALLEL, Wandering Intuition consists of Uldalen’s most experimental body of work to date. Created during the residency project Arthouse 1606 and recently exhibited in Mexico’s leading cultural institution, Museo de Arte de Querétaro, this selection of work marks Uldalen’s ability to draw from a nexus of inspiration to create a distinctive and experimental way of depicting the human figure.

HENRIK ULDALEN Entrega, 2020 Oil on canvas 150 x 100 cm courtesy of JD Malat Gallery

Internationally renowned for his ethereal portraits of figures caught within refined and expressive regions of paint, Uldalen strives to capture liminal and limbo-like states of the human condition, visually translating ideas concerned with the metaphysical rather than a physical conceivable world.

The paintings in Wandering Intuition were made during Uldalen’s participation in last year’s Arthouse 1606 in Tequisquiapan, Mexico, an annual residency project where professional artists are invited to work under one roof for the duration of a month. During this residency, Uldalen was presented with the task of trusting his ‘intuition’ to inspire creativity and experimentation in an effort to authentically reflect a wider cultural context always in flux.

‘The making of Wandering Intuition has been an unexpected and revealing journey for me, allowing me to freely pursue instinct and intuition in my work. To let the road reveal itself whilst walking, with no map, makes for interesting travels, destinations you would never expect to find.’ – Henrik Aa. Uldalen

The goal behind Arthouse 1606 was to strengthen cross-cultural connections between a diverse group of professional artists. During the residency, Uldalen was able to draw from a nexus of inspiration, subsequently sparking a new avenue for his exploration of the human form in paint. The figures in these canvases are bound within abstract and textured flourishes of paint, a technique much more experimental and expressive in its nature when compared to the artist’s previous body of work. Wandering Intuition thus highlights the endless possibilities of figurative representation, and underlines Uldalen’s role as a protagonist in the wider field of contemporary figurative painting.

HENRIK ULDALEN Falta, 2020 Oil on canvas 150 x 100 cm

Born in South Korea in 1986 and raised in Norway, Uldalen has spent time in Barcelona, Florence and Mexico City, before moving to England in 2015. Uldalen gained an immense amount of experience through his travelling, which has allowed him to bring his own perspective to figurative painting. Through his work, Uldalen has made a unique impact on his international audience, helping him reach nearly one million followers on Instagram.

By virtually exhibiting Uldalen’s work on PARALLEL, JD Malat Gallery hopes to strengthen the dialogue between Uldalen and his international audience, as well as emphasise the connective and encompassing force of his art.

Wandering Intuition Henrik AA. Uldallen PARALLEL: 18th January – 20 February 2021



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