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NADA launch new profit-sharing, online fair.

FAD MAGAZINE NADA launch new profit-sharing, online fair.

The New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA), the definitive non-profit arts organization dedicated to the cultivation, support, and advancement of new voices in contemporary art, has announced FAIR, built in partnership with Artlogic. FAIR is a new art fair initiative designed to be entirely online, function cooperatively, and act as a benefit for NADA’s community of galleries, nonprofits and artists. Taking place May 20-June 21, 2020, FAIR will directly support 119 NADA Gallery Members and 80 other galleries that have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, totaling nearly 200 galleries around the world.

“FAIR is NADA’s response to the current situation, in line with our commitment to supporting a global community of galleries and artists, While many of these art spaces have been temporarily closed to the public, this new model provides an opportunity to showcase the best of contemporary art, while demonstrating our collaborative spirit and fostering mutual support for one another.”

said NADA Executive Director Heather Hubbs

FAIR offers an alternative profit-sharing model, structured to facilitate mutual support within the art community and provide revenue to each of its participants during a time in which galleries have temporarily closed their physical locations. A percentage from each sale made from FAIR will directly benefit all participating galleries and artists. In addition, a percentage of each sale will go towards supporting NADA for their efforts in producing FAIR, their continued work as an organization for art alleries, through this time of crisis and beyond.

Cooperative Sales Model:
50% of each sale goes directly to gallery (which is split evenly between artist/gallery)
20% of each sale goes into cooperative gallery sales pool; to be shared evenly among all participating galleries
20% of each sale goes into cooperative artist sales pool; to be shared evenly among all participating artists
10% of each sale goes to support the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA)

Each participating gallery will present a series of artworks over four-weeks with the opportunity to share new artworks each week. The initiative will also feature a series of online performances, studio visits and talks to complement the artworks presented by participating galleries and artists. FAIR, produced in collaboration with Artlogic, utilizes their Online Viewing Rooms service and is generously hosted by them.

Heather Hubbs also said she anticipated about 150 galleries, mostly from the US (the core of Nada’s membership) but stretching far beyond. Participants also include Soft Opening and Arcadia Missa from London, Misako & Rosen from Tokyo and Lulu from Mexico City.

MORE INFO: newartdealers.viewingrooms.com

In addition to FAIR, NADA has continued to support its community of galleries and artists during the COVID-19 crisis, such as spearheading the COVID-19 relief petition, advocating for Senate Bill S8125A, which aims to suspend rent for small businesses, and initiating the NADA Gallery Relief Grant, which provides emergency financial support to commercial, non-profit, and alternative exhibition spaces. NADA has also partnered with the Kinkade Family Foundation to release a previously unseen print by Thomas Kinkade to benefit the NADA community



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