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Moxie is a robot designed for children

FAD MAGAZINE yves-behar-moxie-robot

Moxie is a robot designed for children by the Yves Béhar led studio fuseproject. Moxie is AI-equipped and has been created to help kids develop different abilities — social, emotional and cognitive — through everyday play.

Produced by Embodied a team of experts in child development, engineering, technology, game design and entertainment, Moxie features a pixar-inspired look. Equipped with machine learning technology, the robot can perceive, process and respond to natural conversation, eye contact, facial expressions and other behaviors, and it can also recognize and recall people, places and things. Measuring just 38cm, Moxie is tall enough to ignite interest in children without being unwieldy, evoking trust, empathy and motivation.

Moxie is equipped with SocialX, a platform that allows children to engage with it while introducing a new category of robots: Animate companions. Every week, children are tasked with missions to help Moxie explore different human experiences, ideas and life skills including kindness, friendship, empathy or respect. missions include different types of activities like drawing, reading, or even meditating, and teach kids essential life skills like turn taking, active listening, emotion regulation, empathy and problem solving among others.

Moxie comes with an app for parents that helps to understand their children’s development progress, giving insights into the child’s social, emotional and cognitive process. Because of its machine-learning technology, Moxie gets to know your child over time, allowing it to better personalize its content to help with individual goals.

FAD MAGAZINE yves-behar-moxie-robot

” We’re at a tipping point in the way we will interact with technology, at Embodied, we have been rethinking and reinventing how human-machine interaction is done beyond simple verbal commands, to enable the next generation of computing, and to power a new class of machines capable of fluid social interaction. moxie is a new type of robot that has the ability to understand and express emotions with emotive speech, believable facial expressions and body language, tapping into human psychology and neurology to create deeper bonds.”

Paolo Pirjanian, CEO and founder of Embodied, inc.


FAD MAGAZINE yves-behar-moxie-robotFAD MAGAZINE yves-behar-moxie-robotFAD MAGAZINE yves-behar-moxie-robot



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