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VISUAL TONIC : Cole Projects X Lexi Cinema

Akinola Davies Jr, "Lion Warrior "2017
Akinola Davies Jr, “Lion Warrior “2017

Cole Projects have teamed up with Lexi Cinema with the aim of keeping ‘the lights on’ during the COVID-19 crisis.

“The goal of this initiative is “keep the lights on” at the Lexi – an indie cinema staffed by volunteers, who run loads of great community projects and have been forced to close their doors.We have been busy sourcing some really exciting video art- some familiar, some yet to be discovered. The selected works will be included in the Lexi’s e-newsletter and on the cinema website, alongside the free-to-view “Virtual Lexi” programme being put together by the cinema team.

We will be kicking off with a film from artist Akinola Davies Jr whose practice explores themes of race, identity, gender, and inclusion, telling the stories that bridge the gap between traditional and millennial communities. “ Lion Warrior” 2017 is about the resilience, innovation and reclamation of narratives within the black community. Inspired by the black market, the Internet cafes of Lagos,
Nigeria and the black Wall Street in Greenwood, Tulsa Oklahoma. If you believe you have the cure (or a mindblowing video piece) that you want to put forward, please send us an email and we will look into it. We are always on the hunt.”

Camilla Cole Director Cole Projects Camilla@coleprojects.co.uk

Akinola Davies Jr, "Lion Warrior "2017
Akinola Davies Jr, “Lion Warrior “2017

Keeping the lights on during these dark times the Lexi will be providing an online programme of classic gems, archive curiosities and the best of world cinema and docs. All for free, online, and with advertised times for a virtual post-show discussion with the Lexi team on our facebook page.
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Cole Projects is a London based curatorial platform that discovers and exhibits international emerging and mid-career artists. Drawing upon over a decade of art market experience in managing private art collections and blue chip contemporary art galleries, we present some of the most exciting talent today. Bringing them together in immersive exhibitions held in innovative off-site spaces – often working collaboratively with galleries around the world and abandoned spaces. www.coleprojects.co.uk

The Lexi is the UK’s first social enterprise cinema and is run by a team of 50 local volunteers, with all profits going directly to charitable causes. Since opening in 2008, the cinema has become an integral part of the Brent community. It offers mainstream, independent and world cinema, alongside hosting a diverse programme of special screenings including black history studies, a women-only refugee film club, a neighbourhood film school and events for LGBT seniors, carers and the hard of hearing: www.thelexicinema.co.uk




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