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Onassis USA + the New Museum’s NEW INC have announced a major new partnership

Leong Leong. Simulation of art inspired by Sensorium
Leong Leong. Simulation of art inspired by Sensorium

Onassis USA and the New Museum’s NEW INC have announced a major new partnership to create a space for artists, filmmakers, and designers working in mixed reality—the Onassis, NEW INC eXtended Reality Studio—ONX Studio.

ONX Studio is an accelerator, a subsidized workspace and presentation gallery located in the Onassis Gallery of Olympic Tower, the Midtown Manhattan headquarters of Onassis USA. Set to open in late spring 2020, it will house a dozen artists and producers, including NEW INC alumni and others working in mixed reality, for a year-long term to develop significant works for the public realm. The studio space will also transform into a mixed reality gallery every year for a month-long showcase featuring ONX members. The first showcase is planned for winter 2020/2021. The Studio will operate as a two-year pilot program.

ONX’s vision will be steered by NEW INC’s Director Stephanie Pereira, its co-founder Karen Wong, Onassis USA Artistic and Executive Director Vallejo Gantner, and the Onassis Foundation’s Head of Digital and Innovation Prodromos Tsiavos. Over the past six years, NEW INC, the New Museum’s cultural incubator, has attracted top talents who have been exploring storytelling through digital tools including AR, VR, projection mapping, spatial audio, and motion capture. NEW INC alumni and members have been a driving force in defining this emergent culture including award-winning studios Scatter, New Reality Co, Dave&Gabe, Sensorium, Superbright, Hyphen Labs, and artists such as Stephanie Dinkins, Eliza McNitt, Jakob Kudst Steensen, and Rachel Rossin. Awards, major commissions, and recognition in this community include an Emmy Award and numerous laurels from Tribeca, Sundance, SXSW Film, and Cannes. Among the accomplishments from past NEW INC members, Eliza McNitt, along with producer Darren Aronofsky, created Spheres, the first VR experience to be acquired for seven-figures by Sundance, and Scatter is the inventor of the widely used volumetric film-capture hardware product, Depthkit, which they launched during their tenure at NEW INC.

The Onassis Foundation has invested through the years in exploring contemporary art and the dialectical relationship between multimedia, digital, mixed reality and hybrid artistic practices. Its mission is to create the conditions, explore the ideas and trigger bold discussions that shape society, through education and art, helping us “see” the world from a different point of view by connecting the digital archipelago of our times.

The Onassis Foundation has a storied history of commissioning and supporting multimedia and theatrical presentations. Karen Brooks Hopkins, Senior Advisor, elaborates,

“Onassis USA is thrilled to continue elevating artists and filmmakers who are fostering new ways to tell important stories. New Museum has been a pioneer in developing platforms for new art and new ideas, and we have found a kindred spirit in NEW INC.”

Designed by the NYC-based architectural firm Leong Leong, the ONX Studio, a 4,000-square-feet space, will provide an accelerator for this growing community of mixed reality artists where they will be able to develop, beta test, and demo their works in a presentation gallery for curators, producers, collectors, and agencies. Members will host open houses and salons where the community can share best practices and foster a network and support system.

The ONX Studio will also be in close dialogue with Onassis Lab, the Onassis Foundation cross-disciplinary incubator in Athens that seeks to support innovation and disruption across disciplines. The Onassis Lab will provide a comprehensive set of professional development programs aiming at supporting creators from different sectors and encouraging unexpected encounters of scientists, artists, and theorists. The interactions between the two initiatives are expected to lead to the formalization of an exchange program in the near future.

Lisa Phillips, Toby Devan Lewis Director of the New Museum commented,

“ONX Studio is an evolution of what we have learned and experienced at NEW INC. In New York City, bespoke space for artists who are working in mixed reality is scarce. The Onassis Foundation had the vision to bridge this gap, and their commissioning expertise will be invaluable as we explore new avenues for these hybrid digital and physical experiences.”

Founded in 2000, Onassis USA was the first international affiliate of the Onassis Foundation. It is dedicated to culture, community, and education, with projects that can effectively inspire social change and justice across borders. By collaborating with Onassis Stegi in Athens and educational and cultural institutions throughout the Americas, Onassis USA presents theatrical and dance productions, art exhibits, conversations, lectures, and other initiatives, triggering discussions about democratic values, human rights, civil rights, and the ever-changing realities facing today’s citizens on a global scale.

Onassis Foundation’s mission is and will always be human-centric. Since 1975, focusing on the fields of culture, health, and education, it creates the conditions, explores the ideas, and triggers the discussions that lead to a better society. Releasing the potential ?f artists, scholars, and scientists, it has supported Greek programs in universities around the world; has granted more than 7,000 scholarships and research fellowships for postgraduate and doctorate studies; has continuously supported Special Education; has acquired the Cavafy Archive to ensure its openness and accessibility to researchers and the wider public; has rare book collections in the Onassis Library; has built and donated to the Greek State the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre (OCSC) and is currently building the much-needed Onassis National Transplant Center in Athens; has established Onassis USA (NY & LA), and last but not least, Onassis Stegi in Athens, a cultural center which hosts performances and activities across the whole spectrum of the arts from theatre, dance, music, cinema and the visual arts to the written word, with an emphasis on contemporary cultural expression. The Onassis Foundation believes in active citizens with bold ideas and optimistic dreams, and embraces process, research, study, experimentation, as well as the values of freedom, democracy and human rights.


NEW INC was cofounded by Lisa Phillips and Karen Wong in 2013 and is the first museum led cultural incubator dedicated to supporting innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship across art, design, and technology. NEW INC’s Director is Stephanie Pereira. For more information, visit newinc.org.



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