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WinteR Show is a group show celebrating emerging talent in London opening at Harlesden High Street

Paul Abbott Old English (Passenger) 2019 Rover 800 nearside door shell, glass, mirror, media player, Dimensions variable.
Paul Abbott Old English (Passenger) 2019 Rover 800 nearside door shell, glass, mirror, media player, Dimensions variable.

WinteR Show is a group show celebrating emerging talent in London, presented at Harlesden High street and curated by Daria Borisova.

The show presents artists from all realms of artistic practices including painting, sculpture, installation, and photography. A celebration of diversity, inviting us to come together in this time of growing polarisation. WinteR Show reflects on London’s contemporary culture, creating a platform to catalyse conversation on the social and cultural issues of today. Participating artists include Bex Massey, Valerie Savchits, Alexander James, Natalie Anastasiou, Stefano Cannella, David King Reuben, Seulgi Kang, Adam Zoltowski, Paul Abbott, Adam Baker and Anna Kenneally.

Adam Baker Line Up 2019
Adam Baker Line Up 2019

WinteR Show celebrates the upcoming generation as one focused on activism in contemporary culture. Borisova is proud to bring ten artists together who engage in our contemporary language by exploring themes of history, feminism, social media, capitalism, suppression and diversity. This exhibition amplifies the power of the visual arts as a universal language utilized by artists to bring us together over our collective and personal experiences.

Natalie Anastasiou Carp Diem, 2018
Natalie Anastasiou Carp Diem, 2018

The group exhibition is presented over a five-room exhibition space at Harlesden High Street, a gallery and artist studio, which aims to bridge social and cultural gaps against the homogeneity found in the contemporary art world.

WinteR Show at Harlesden High Street Curated by Daria Borisova December 14th – December 22nd
December 14th, 5 – 7 PM Harlesden High Street | 62-70, Shorts Gardens, top floor, WC2H 9AB.

Curator: Daria Borisova, born in Russia, is a London- based curator and art advisor. Borisova focuses on young, emerging artists who inspire progressive understanding and promote lasting change. With an emphasis on transparency and education, Borisova has built collections for prominent private and corporate clients. Borisova has curated and organized a number of successful exhibitions at notable galleries and institutions. As an ambassador for Beauty for Freedom, she advocates for gender equality and promoting women artists. Borisova is a global ambassador and curator for the non-profit organization, White Ribbon, the world’s largest male initiative against domestic violence toward women.

Exhibition Producer: Angeliki Kim Jonsson is the founder of DYNAMISK Curating and Art Advisory. Angeliki works as an independent curator, art advisor and writer. She runs a series titled “In Conversation With…,” an ever-growing series of vibrant and unique conversations with pioneering individuals from the art world. Angeliki is currently working on projects including exhibition-making, art and artists talks, art advisory and curating, as well as co-writing her first book.

Project Manager: Paulina Cebrzynska is a London-based artist and curator. She has partnered with well-known artists and London galleries including Pace, Unit and Opera. As the Creative Manager at the Cafe Royal Hotel, she curated several exhibitions and was involved in sourcing and selecting art, installation and client delivery. Paulina is also a practising artist in her own right and has sold pieces internationally.



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