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DIY vinyl presser lets you make your own records at home

We love Vienna-based startup Phonocut new ‘home vinyl recorder’ which lets you create and record your own vinyl records. The analogue device cuts 10-inch records in real-time, using a diamond stylus to etch soundwaves onto the vinyl surface. All you do is place a black disk on the platter, connect and play a stereo audio source. Hit the button to start and the machine will start equalizing and processing. Phonocut uses 10-inch discs, which cost only $10 each.

Audio input has to be via a stereo minijack, but wireless functionality is in development. A companion app can be used to format arrangements to better fit onto two, 15-minute sides.

‘Vinyl records are celebrating a worldwide surge in sales but still their production is locked up inside of high-tech, high-volume pressing plants, but as we know technology exploded in many fields opening up the incredible opportunity to finally re-think and re-invent record production. this is exactly what we did together with a small team of globally acknowledged experts.’

The Phonocut is available to preorder from Kickstarter now . the pre-order price starts at €999 USD and the company plans to ship the first run of units in December 2020 hopefully in time for Christmas.



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