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The Top 7 Art Exhibitions to see in London in September

Art critic Tabish Khan brings you ‘The Top Art Exhibitions to see in London’. Each one comes with a concise review to help you decide whether it’s for you. All of his top picks from last week are still open, so there’s a chance to catch them as well:

Stuart Semple: Dancing on my Own @ Bermondsey Project Space
The man who started a feud with Anish Kapoor after Kapoor patented the darkest black continues with an exhibition looking at his broader portfolio — including paintings, cuddly toys and a spinning Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air in the window. It’s all delivered with devilish humour, as seen in a sample of British soil that anyone can buy except Boris Johnson. Until 7 September. 

Cutting Edge: Modern British printmaking @ Dulwich Picture Gallery
A whirling merry go round feels like it could lift it’s spinning so fast, block headed footballers ooze aggression and jammed in passengers on a Tube from the 1930s show not much has changed in over 80 years. These prints are filled with energy, dynamism and feature British artists I wasn’t too familiar with. Until 8 September. 

Circulation Metaphor @ Korean Cultural Centre
Butterflies glow in a magical forest that we can walk into as it’s projected on delicate sheets, while triangular laser beams provide an unsettling experience in the dark. This selection of Korean artists all explore our interaction with the natural world using innovative technologies and contains impressive immersive works. Until 7 September.

Louise McNaught: Consume @ Royal Over Seas League
A bee is on fire and a whale is trapped in a plastic bag in an exhibition of paintings with a strong environmental message. I’ve been following Louise McNaught’s beautiful animal paintings over the years and am really enjoying this new direction of pushing sustainability more forcefully. Until 8 September. 

Dog Show @ Southwark Park Galleries
It’s all gone to the dogs in Southwark Park with both galleries filled with works about dogs, selected by dogs — including a surreal room filled with poodle heads suspended from the ceiling. This is a fun show and it’s hard not to smile … unless you’re a cat person. Until 8 September. 

The Spark Is You @ Parasol Unit
A broken city inhabits the floor, a wooden torso hangs from the ceiling and religions collide as their symbols are held above a giant version of a Newton’s cradle. It’s a remarkably varied exhibition of nine Iranian artists who are based all across the world and this sense of dual identity makes itself known in the works. Until 8 September. 

Nunzio: The Shock of Objectivity @ Mazzoleni Fine Art
Big black delicate works dominate the space and tower over visitors. Flecks of blue on the edges of this spiralling work gives it a sense of a collision between the natural and the unnatural worlds, much like his works on the walls. Until 7 September.

All images copyright artist and gallery unless otherwise stated. KCC image courtesy the artist and Korean Cultural Centre UK, GMA, ACC. Photograph by Dan Weill. Dog Show image copyright David Shrigley. Nunzio photo: Todd White. 



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