Snow Crash

Kirsten Cooke and Melanie Jackson | Snow Crash | 2018 | GIF
Kirsten Cooke and Melanie Jackson | Snow Crash | 2018 | GIF

Snow Crash is a speculative architecture for alternative infrastructures that is flexibly built to respond to the artworks it houses. Artworks that exist in tension with the framework and will impinge on it, spill out from it and will be performed in and around the physical diagram. Assembled out of scaffolding, Snow Crash renders its own configuration visible and provisional, with the potential to be reformulated and adapted to future contexts. Snow Crash’s diagrammatic structure facilitates the ability for the autonomous artistic practices to go off in different directions but to reside in one place, enabling us to consider the complexity of the collective and the equally complex infrastructures that could support it. Snow Crash produces a project that thinks of itself as a scaffold, as opposed to a container, and as result has the propensity to suggest alternative and expansive forms of viewing art.

Artists: Dianna Bauer & Ast, Amanda Beech, Melanie Jackson, Pil & Galia Kollectiv, Claire Potter, Tai Shani, Linda Stupart, Ayesha Tan Jones, Lynton Talbot
Curated by Kirsten Cooke 11th January – 10th March 2019 Preview: Thursday 10th January 6 – 9 PM
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