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Wiltshire B4 Christ Jeremy Deller + Sofia Prantera

Wiltshire B4 Christ
Wiltshire B4 Christ © Photography: David Sims; stylist: Jane How

For her latest collection, Sofia Prantera, Aries’ creative director and co-founder has collaborated with
Jeremy Deller. The pair cooked up the concept of ‘Wiltshire B4 Christ’ in 2017, when Deller was working on a project to mark 100 years since Stonehenge was gifted to the public. They took this as a starting point for “Wiltshire B4 Christ”, using images of Stonehenge and Avebury stone circles, mysterious runic symbols and ancient pottery for sweatshirts, T-shirts, and homewares.

“If you go to Stonehenge you can’t really buy interesting T-shirts,”

says Prantera,

“That’s how the discussion started: we thought we could do a few pieces for English Heritage.”

The pair not only developed clothing but merchandise and an exhibition featuring images shot by photographer David Sims at Stonehenge — a superior location wangled for the campaign by Deller.

“Stonehenge could be the greatest logo or trademark in the whole world,”

says Deller, 52.

“The silhouette is so recognisable — it probably has more recognition than almost anything in Britain short of the Queen. Stonehenge is a brand, isn’t it?”

‘Aries Jeremy Deller David Sims: Wiltshire Before Christ’ The Store X, 180 The Strand, London, from January 16th to 27th ariesarise.com 180thestrand.com

Sofia Prantera, Jeremy Deller and David Sims will be signing copies of the book ‘Wiltshire B4 Christ’ at Dover Street Market New York on February 8th newyork.doverstreetmarket.com/



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