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The Top 7 Art Exhibitions to see in London this week

Art critic Tabish Khan brings you ‘The Top Art Exhibitions to see in London’ this week. Each one comes with a concise review to help you decide whether it’s for you. Most of his picks from last week are still open to visit:

Its Art Call 2018 Winner: Oskar Krajewski @ After Nyne gallery
Thousands of recycled objects make up a futuristic city in what has to be one the most eye catching works in London right now. Spend time in the dark with this creation and you’ll be hypnotised. That’s just one of the works in this marvellous sci-fi esque exhibition. Oskar Krajewski is the deserving winner of the Its Art Call 2018 competition (I was one of the judges) and this solo show is spellbinding. Until 26 November. 

Celina Teague: Not for the kid’s room @ Kristin Hjellgejerde 
Red dots cut across a painting full of cuddly toys and spread across the walls. The dots have a dark side to them as each one represents a fatality in Syria.  Individual fatalities are often lost in the news and by placing them over the toys, our consumerist world is pushed behind the red dots forcing us out of our comfortable first world lives to recognise not everyone has it so good. The paintings and installation are aesthetically brilliant and tackle global issues. Until 15 December.

Heidi Bucher @ Parasol Unit
What would it look like if you peeled the skin off a building? That’s what springs to mind in Heidi Bucher’s facades of doors and buildings cast using latex. They hang in the gallery as architectural remnants accompanied by costumes and a surreal sculpture of a jug suspended in air as it ‘pours out’ a sculpture. The use of texture and materials in her work is innovative and makes you want to touch it. Until 9 December. 

The Lotus Eaters @ Aindrea Contemporary
A fleshy mirrored room, a globular tree and a rather creepy boudoir come together in this excellent collection of artworks and installations. Most arresting is the Plasma Vista salon with surreal videos featuring balloon feet inside a room where a spinning hairy mannequin is suspended from the ceiling. It’s both comical and disturbing. Until 7 December. 

Oceania @ Royal Academy of Arts
Tribal statues meet contemporary works in this excellent selection of works exploring the vast network of islands in Oceania. Western eyes won’t have seen many works from this area and it’s fascinating to see the mix of cultures, history and myths from the region. Whether it be statues of two headed gods or contemporary works looking at colonisation it’s filled with exciting finds. Read my full review hereUntil 10 December.

Lucy Smallbone: Edgelands @ Fiumano Clase
Forests resonate with unnatural colours in the paintings of Lucy Smallbone and so they should given she’s been at a residency in Chernobyl. While the colour palette is rather surreal it also evokes a natural world growing in the relative absence of humanity — suggesting it may be better off that way. Until 15 December. 

Maggi Hambling: new portraits @ Marlborough London
Portraitist extraordinaire Maggi Hambling brings together a collection of portraits in her usual fluid style. A favourite is a particularly gruesome one of Trump that makes him look to my eyes like a toupe wearing Jabba the Hutt. Until 29 November. 

All images copyright artist and courtesy gallery. Oceania image copyright Lisa Reihana & Artprojects. 



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