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The Top 7 Art Exhibitions to see in London this week

Art critic Tabish Khan brings you ‘The Top Art Exhibitions to see in London’ this week. Each one comes with a concise review to help you decide whether it’s for you. Some of my picks from last week are still open to visit as well:

Edward Burtynsky: The Human Signature @ Flowers, Cork Street
Brightly coloured pools of water look pretty until the realisation dawns that they are from chemicals used to extract Lithium from salt flats in the Atacama desert. Similarly with floating booms from a massive log mill. Photographer Burtynsky find beauty in the ugly destruction of our planet, they suck you in with their beauty and throw you off with their powerful message. I’ve seen his work many times and it’s always brilliant. Until 24 November. 

It’s Art Call 2018 @ After Nyne gallery
A talented mix of artists come together for this group show of the runners up of the fabulous prize organised by The Cult House — full disclosure, I was one of the judges. Whether it be the fragile glass sculptures of Eric Bonte, the stunning landscapes of John Ball or the steampunk photography of Gary Nicholls it’s a wonderfully diverse exhibition.  Until 5 November. 

Clod Ensemble: Placebo @ The Place
Can dance have a placebo effect? That’s the question tackled by this performance that crosses the disciplines of art, science, theatre and dance. Dancers engage in a series of experiments read out by a disembodied voice that they eventually rebel against in a thoughtful and often humorous performance. If doesn’t matter if dance is not your thing, art fans will enjoy this performance too. I wrote a piece about how Clod Ensemble is really no different to performance art. Until 10 November (ticketed).

Prevent This Tragedy @ Von Goetz Art
A tactile work by Frances Richardson hangs fro the ceiling pooling up on the floor as if frozen on the way down. The Sisyphus myth is given a female twist by Evy Jokhova in a rock that keeps moving around space and a concrete wall by Jim Woodall will collapse throughout show in a rather industrial looking building interspersed with Jodie Carey’s pillars. It’s a fantastic collection of sculptures in a building that feels like it was made for them. Until 14 November. 

Nina Murdoch: Collecting Colour @ Marlborough
Light shines from above, the side and the walls in these sublime reflective paintings. The subtle gradations in colour would just don’t translate fully into photographs and they should be seen in person to bathe in their glory. Until 24 November. 

Aziz + Cucher @ Gazelli Art House
Rubble, drones and death greet us in tapestries of collaged images. While the gold leaf works upstairs feature dancing and are much more joyous.  Upstairs is more joyous with dancers on gold leaf. It’s a reflection of our world that’s filled with conflict and also moments of joy, that never seem to sit entirely well together. How can we have fun when there’s so much hate and chaos out there, or maybe that’s why we have to enjoy life?. Until 24 November. 

Disappear Here @ RIBA
Perspective is an important part of architecture but in this show it’s been given a playful edge. The walls have architectural drawings on them but it’s in the exhibition designed by Sam Jacob studios where the fun’s to be had. Squares reducing in size cut into the walls, mirrors surround us and we can look down the middle of the seats for the illusion of infinity. I like it when this amount of creativity is unleashed and it gives us some … well, perspective. Until 24 November.

All images copyright artist, courtesy the gallery. Clod image copyright Camilla Greenwell. It’s art call image copyright Brian Parker. RIBA image copyright Andy Matthews.



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