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Philip Colbert #lookingforU

Ahead of the group show ‘Looking For U’ an exhibition exploring art in the digital age – we have managed to catch up briefly with one of the artists Philip Colbert. The exhibition opens tonight at The Unit London (a new 6,000 sqft gallery in Mayfair)

1 What are you showing?
I Am showing a Painting Called Dream Hunt, it’s from a new series am working on, where my lobster alter ego narrates grand art historical battles where High old master traditional painting dialogues with low brow digital media and contemporary pop hyper-saturation. I love the deep historic dialogue that painting has, and with my paintings, I try and push this fwd and open new doors. My work is ultimately a celebration of freedom.

2 Do you like group shows?
Yes they great way of seeing different artist approaches to our time, I love the way that everyone in shows work reflects our obsession with digital culture in a different way.

3 Are you looking for anyone?
Haha. My inner Lobster

4 How do you describe your work?
Creating a world for my Lobster self. My paintings are hyper-pop, Rosenquist meets loony tunes.

5 Any plans for the Summer?
In my studio finishing my new paintings for my show in Tokyo in Sep.

Looking For U- Exclusive Preview Wednesday, 25 July 2018 Exhibition 26th July – 26th August 2018 theunitldn.com



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