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Aritist Alex Chinneck ties a knot in 450-year-old column

Aritist Alex Chinneck ties a knot in 450-year-old column

British artist Alex Chinneck has unveiled his latest art works at Städtische Galerie Kornhaus in Kirchheim Unter Teck in an exhibition called ‘Birth, Death and a Midlife Crisis.’ playing with the architectural aspect of the 450-year-old columns found inside the space, the artwork questions materiality by tying one of the columns into a knot.

‘I like to give fluidity to typically inflexible things, transcending their material nature,’ says Alex Chinneck.

‘The columns are the prominent feature in the 450-year-old museum and this intervention took an opportunity to defy logic and distort history. I wanted to create the impression that we had only changed what was already physically present in the museum and the work was born through the manipulation, rather than introduction, of material. with this approach, the objective was to produce something sculpturally bold but contextually sensitive.’

On show until 4th April at: kornhausgaleriekirchheim.wordpress.com
all images by Charles Emerson

About the Artist
Uniting the disciplines of art, architecture, theatre and engineering, the work of British sculptor Alex Chinneck is monumental in ambition and impact, producing contextually responsive interventions that animate the place in which they stand.

Alex Chinneck is a graduate of Chelsea College of Art and a trustee of the Royal British Society of Sculptors. His work has been featured extensively by international media with selected projects welcoming over one million visitors.

Aritist Alex Chinneck ties a knot in 450-year-old column

Aritist Alex Chinneck ties a knot in 450-year-old column



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