Interview with Our Open Call Instagram Finalist neo10y | StrangeLove

1. What did you show at Strangelove Festival in March? 

I was really honoured to be selected as a finalist and have the opportunity to screen my three-part music video / self-directed short film for NEO 10Y vs. NIHIL: The Kid That Killed Trump at StrangeLove Festival 2017. A concept film that I shot in NY on the night of the first presidential debate. It shows the story of a drug forlorn Mickey Mouse impersonator in Times Square who subsequently deletes Donald Trump. 

2. What mediums do you work with? 

I work across music, narrative and physical design and film. 

3. How do you know when you have completed a work? 

It’s relative to each piece, but I know when I can’t flaw it anymore for a week or so. I have to sit back and learn to love a track, or a film, or a painting for what it is. It’s important to be a perfectionist, but at the same time, there’s an element of self-acceptance with appreciating your own artistry. 

4. How important is the presentation of your work and viewer engagement? 

Probably the most important element. I like it when people are impacted and then respond. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy response, but if there is no impact then was it really worth the creative effort?

5. If you could choose to show your artwork in a non traditional art setting, where would that be? 

I guess that’s what I always do, I have some performances coming up in more industrial, raw, guerrilla spaces. I like the idea of doing more pop-up shows. 

6. With the increasing evolution of technology, where do you see film in the next ten years? 

It’s a piece of history now, the narrative came before the popularity and Trump’s term / America’s sentence has just made the piece more timeless…

7. If you could create a time based arts compilation, what would be on it? 

Elliott Smith, Zaha Hadid, Bob Marley. Apparently all my idols are dead. 

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Image: © NEO 10Y (Nik Thakkar), Alex Lord, Dan Ellyot, Andrew Kass

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