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The Most Interesting Art Events to see in London this week

There are lots of art events happening in London; talks, workshops, tours, discussions and many many more! To help you with the choice Jenny Judova from Art Map London has picked ‘The Most Interesting Art Events’ to see in London this week.


Preview: ‘The Intercontinental’ Slade doctoral art resarch

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM @ Roaming ROOM, 24 Manchester Street, London W1U 4DJ

The Intercontinental is a group show of new work by PhD researchers from the Slade School of Fine Art. This exhibition searches out the positions and shared concerns of artists working across different media as they reflect on the crisis of now within politics, ecology and the media.



Preview: #AnotherGallery

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM @ DACS, 33 Old Bethnal Green Road London, E2 6AA

#AnotherGallery explores the changing dynamic of the public’s interaction with museums and galleries on social media and considers how the public engages with the gallery space, taking pictures, sharing content and in the process blurring the boundaries between originality and ownership.



Preview: John Strutton ‘Anna Lies’

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM @ DOMOBAAL, 3 John Street London WC1N 2ES

ver the past decade or so Strutton has started each day in the studio by making a small drawing on A4 paper. Like a stretch or limbering up exercise this activity was always meant to be an act of just doing something rather than producing anything. Each drawing was stamped, as a way of defacing or invalidating the image, with the words ANNA LIES.




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