The Onion is a group exhibition from three art & design students. - FAD Magazine

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The Onion is a group exhibition from three art & design students.

Jake Hasapopoulos ‘Alabama Petting Zoo’, 2022, dirt, wax, foam, resin, spray paint, wood, 3d printed resin, Courtesy the artist

…A pruning Brain in a deep
web utopia birthing an assemblage of childhood and
post-mortem, of fantasy and
fact, where objects and landscapes become anthropomorphic, where scale is intra-twined, fostering learning
and creativity in developing

Max King Sun Shrine’ 2022, 3D printer resin, Chromed Copper, Raspberry Pi, Courtesy the artist

The Onion is a group exhibition from three art and design students, two studying at Central Saint Martins and one studying at the Slade. The Crypt Gallery works as a bridging point between the location of the two studios, a confluence where our three practices can co-exist and co-create. Each artist is presenting recent works, a few of which will have been created with the intention of exhibiting within the space, an underground burial site. Presenting a body of predominantly sculptural work, utilising the architecture of the building, the effect of no natural light and the liminal state that the space introduces. The Onion brings forth a vast web of inquiry tied together by the inevitable conversations that will happen when you’re trapped inside a bunker…

Enzo Medeiros, Untitled 2022, sand, little flag Courtesy of the artist.

About the artists

Max King ‘Instant Sunburn – State 3’ 2021, Jesmonite, Aluminium, Pigmented Latex, Acrylic, Raspberry Pi, Courtesy the artist

Max King (b.1999) is a British artist, currently studying Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins. His work navigates a wide range of human themes ranging from solar worship, ritual and death care and often culminates in an active physical form. Having studied through a design program, his process is grounded by a deep web of research, prototyping and reiteration before fabricating a final form leading to concise contextual layers demonstrating a rich social commentary. Technology has become key to Max’s work where extraneous variables and other pieces of work will drive the physical object, transforming and seemingly personifying the sculpture through low cost, hobby style electronics and carefully constructed program scripts. @maxotisking

Jake Hasapopoulos ‘Piss Bucket’ 2022, Salt, Wax, foam, resin, 3d printed resin, spray paint, latex, pigment, corona beer cooler, Courtesy the artist

Jake Hasapopoulos (b.2000) is an American artist currently studying Fine Art at Central Saint Martins.
Through the exploration of American Mythologies, Political Debauchery, and Violent Hegemony, a return-to the-womb childlike exploration is created, referencing Christian theology, and his relationship to it, in hopes of understanding and characterizing discomfort and trauma. He is a Minnesotan pre-teen laughing, then crying, then laughing again through this less than intellectual journey to show reverence to the seemingly inferior fractions of culture. @jakehasap

Enzo Medeiros Untitled, 2022, Steel, cotton, fabric dye, resin, sand, Pencil, torches, bike lights

Enzo Medeiros (b.2001) is a Brazilian artist currently studying Fine Art at the Slade School Fine Art
Drawing on a plethora of discursive sources; scientific, aesthetic, philosophical and popular cultural, his works parse fictional narratives into connective nodes, materialising as experiential analogue hacking of sorts, with subjects ranging from sand castles to lost dogs. A series of impositions and suggestions leave connective tissues to intertwine and intra-act, materials interpolate and extrapolate into the narratives they are birthed from. Enzo uses fiction to investigate the associative tissues within both personal and cosmic non-fictions, a duality that parallels that of machined elements within hand-wrought assemblage. @5bucksvenmo



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