Don’t Miss: Group show ‘It’s Offal’

image: Susan Sluglett - His Majesty the King, 2012
image: Susan Sluglett – His Majesty the King, 2012

From excrement to innards, ‘It’s Offal’ looks at the work of artists who have chosen to explore what lies within.

A guttural festivity that triggers questions about who and what we really are, our fears and desires, and what we value in the end. The inner body and its distortions are presented in photographs, films, performances, sculptures and paintings in order to expose, reflect and celebrate the sludge and flow of life.

‘It’s Offal’ splices together historical examples including Helen Chadwick’s sensual Meat Abstracts, Tony Morgan’s collaborative film, Beefsteak Resurrection and Gina Pane’s complex and bloody body actions as well as contemporary paintings, sculptures and video works including ‘Fluence’ by Fritha Jenkins.

The exhibition plays on opposing ideas of seduction and repulsion, by rejoicing in these base instincts ‘It’s Offal’ hopes to evoke a cathartic freedom and re-engagement with our bodies, in a world where perfect isn’t good enough.

Curated by Emily Austin & Emma Cousin
Artists exhibited:
Nils Alix-Tabling, Phil Allen, Hermione Allsopp, Michael Archer, Annie Attridge, Bompas & Parr, Helen Chadwick, Emma Cousin, Charlotte Cornaton, Jamie Fitzpatrick, Helen Frik, Tibor Hajas, Nicholas Hatfull, Jane Hayes Greenwood, Oona Grimes, Fritha Jenkins, Sally Kindberg, Natalia LL, Wayne Lucas, Piero Manzoni, Tony Morgan, Joseph Morgan Schofield, Gina Pane, Hermann Nitsch, Martin O’Brien, Elizabeth Porter, Anna Jung Seo, Enrique Perezalba Red, Rudolf Schwarzkogler, Susan Sluglett and invited guests.

Arthouse1 45 Grange Road London SE1 3BH

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