FAD’s Top 7 at Photo London

FAD headed down to Photo London yesterday and if you look past all the photos of Jagger and 60’s London/Paris there’s a great selection of stuff to see. Make sure to wonder around all the nocks and crannies of Somerset House not only is this an amazing building to discover but some of the most interesting and innovative photography is hidden away.

Don’t miss the Annex or the Deadhouse but our favourite floor turned out to be the first floor.

Photo London 2016

1 Flowers Gallery London/New York F4

Flowers Gallery at Photo London

Really liked: Esther Tiechmann, Tom LoveLace and Edward Burtynsky

2 Robert Klien Gallery Boston C13

Cig Harvey

Really Liked: Cig Harvey

3 Dillon Gallery New York F5


Really liked: Cristina De Middel and Stephen Gill

4 baudoin lemon Paris F11

Really Liked: Ayana V. Jackson

5 Tristian Hoare London F2

Tristan Hoare

Really Liked: Alejandro Guijarro

6 Heinzen Realer Lausanne X1 The Annex

Thibault Brunet Typologie-du-virtuel-sans-titre20131004_0016-1024x1024

Really Liked: Thibault Brunet

7 Don’t miss Walter & Zoniel in The Deadhouse

Photo London 19-22nd May Somerset House photolondon.org

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