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Jeff Koons and Google launch the Jeff Koons Live Case

Jeff Koons and Google are collaborating #KoonsxGoogle.

For $40 you can now own a limited-edition piece for Google’s Nexus phone by Koons.

“Live cases,” as the sets are called, feature three variant designs culled from the artist’s popular Gazing Ball series: Bust, Diana, and Mailbox. The three sculptures were selected from a total of twenty pieces in the complete collection.

Jeff Koons Live Case

Koons also bills this collaboration as his first live-action video work. In addition to the hard-shell designs, the phones are home to an interactive video background that remains fixed on the screen and activates with a double tap.

To create the dynamic wallpaper, which Koons titled The Gazing Ball Ballet, he enlisted the help of dancers Ashley Laracey and Troy Schumacher. The pair, a married couple who are a part of the New York City Ballet, offers new performances every few days for the device

“I hope the result will be viewed as aesthetic,”

Jeff Koons

“And I hope it creates a sense of unity.”

The limited-edition Jeff Koons cases are NOW available store.google.com/Jeff_koons_live_case



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