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Ad Minoliti: Playtime

Ad Minoliti’s first UK exhibition features work by a range of artists and a range of media.

The art world seems to have either scorn or doubt for a contemporary practice featuring painting. Ad Minoliti’s first UK exhibition features work by a range of artists and a range of media. These works have been displayed in a non-traditional manner, there’s no hint of a white cube and painting hung on the wall approach. Instead, the paintings and videos are arranged around sofas, to simulate a cozy interior setting. At times it appears like the paintings are just putting their feet up watching TV.

Ad Minolta at Edel Assanti

In the other half of the gallery space, or should I say living room, are mannequins clothed and facing a series of paintings. Both the paintings and installation examine lifestyle magazines, but in the paintings the human figures have been replaced with anthropomorphic ones. The post-war Californian and modernist ideals of home have been transposed into a trans-human utopia. The heteronormative lifestyle images have been reimagined, a reminder of the performative nature of gender roles.

Like gender roles, within this show the traditional role of painting has also been reimagined. In this utopian world painting can have a multitude of new identities. Patterns or figures that appear within paintings have been replicated within the other works, like a leitmotif. In recent years, a trend of displaying work as a multimedia installation has appeared. This is one of the best I have seen.

Ad Minoliti: Playtime is at Edel Assanti until 23rd April www.edelassanti.com

Ad Minolta at Edel Assanti
Living con Mano, 2013 Collage on cardboard 24 x 36 cm 9 1/2 x 14 1/8 in



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