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The Chapman brothers Pop Up in the red light district of Amsterdam

The Chapman brothers and Gabriel Rolt have opened a Jake and Dinos Chapman’s pop- up shop called FUCKING HELL, situated in the heart of the Red light district of Amsterdam.

Hake and Dinos Chapman Fucking Hell

The shop opened its doors at PROJECT SPACE PACIFIC PLACE, situated at the geldersekade 28, a new cultural hotspot which, beside the new Chapman’s merchanidize shop, will host a gallery (Vriend van Bavink), A project/exhibition space, Weekender, a barbershop (Taco Stuiver) and Patty Morgan.

FUCKING HELL is selling t-shirts, skateboards, smiley boards, lighters, skeletons- decorated toilet paper, autographed books, poster and small,original works as etchings for a reasonable price. Also, there will be the possibility of getting a tattoo by Henk Schiffmacher based on Jake and Dinos chapman’s custom made designs.




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