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The Art Gym #ArtThing2015

My ArtThing of 2015 was..

The Art Gym at the ICA by Wright x Vandame 21st-27th September 2015
As part of the Fig-2 exhibition at the ICA of 50 projects in 50 weeks, artists Wright and Vandame occupied week 38 and transformed the studio space into a gym with a full programme of events from yoga to ‘Voga’. The space itself interrogated gym culture aesthetically, philosophically and physically using references to minimalism and pop art, while the classes brought in emerging and established artists and cross fertilised audiences from gym and contemporary art backgrounds. Karimah Ashadu’s ‘Everlasting Yoga’ session explored a bad break-up which, instead of calming the audience down, hailed them with a torrential storm of personal worries and fears: “Fuck you Gloria” we all shouted, shaking our hair manically.

The Art Gym at the ICA by Wright x Vandame



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