Microbial Verdict: You Live Until You Die #ArtThing2015

My #ArtThing of 2015 was: The Exhibition The Microbial Verdict: You Live Until You Die

It is an example of Speculative Design from inside the mind of Zoe Hough. I visited this exhibition in May 2015 at Arebyte Gallery in London’s Hackney Wick.

The Microbial Verdict- You Live Until You Die is an example of Speculative Design from inside the mind of Zoe Hough copy

The gallery space was set up as a museum piece dedicated to the concept of an alternate reality. In this scenario, the UK government’s mythical Department of Self and Sanity obliges citizens to ingest a pill on reaching 65 that will end your life as soon as you show signs of dementia to the extent that you stop being yourself.

The installation was multi-disciplinary comprising film, objects, writing and even theatre, where visitors were encouraged to undergo an interview from The Consultant, who helped you suss out your defining characteristics.

I enjoyed this exhibition immensely as it gave a real insight into how art can combine with other creative disciplines to educate, engage and philosophise. I really hope to see more of the same in 2016.

(Image credit: Zoe Hough, The Microbial Verdict Handbook, Arebyte Gallery, London 2015, Courtesy of Zoe Hough)

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