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Barbie gets an Andy Warhol makeover.

Barbie and The Andy Warhol Foundation have teamed up to deliver a Warhol Barbie with her own Ron Robinson capsule collection of fashion and home décor pieces.


“Our partnership with The Andy Warhol Foundation celebrates fashion, pop-culture and self-expression—things both brands are synonymous with,”

says Evelyn Mazzocco, SVP and general manager of Barbie.

“The Barbie Warhol portrait from 1986 is proudly displayed at the company’s headquarters as a reminder of the foothold Barbie holds in culture. This holiday season we are excited to bring two cultural icons, Andy and Barbie, to fans with the Andy Warhol Collector doll and lifestyle collection.”

Everything from the lifestyle Barbie x Andy Warhol line-up, which comprises tops, scarves, sunglasses, candles, is, naturally, steeped in pop art. There are statement-making, bling-encrusted rings that boldly read “Famous, Doll, Pop,” bucket bags printed in Warhol’s signature aesthetic, and candles featuring Barbie as Warhol.

“Warhol x Barbie brings together two timeless, inspirational icons of pop culture to celebrate individuality,”

says Michael Dayton Hermann of The Andy Warhol Foundation.

“Fame may only last for fifteen minutes but playtime is forever.”

Decorate your life with pieces from the collection or give them as gifts—the doll is available for $100 at thebarbiecollection.com and ronrobinson.com now, and the lifestyle goods (priced between $30 and $375) are up for grabs at ronrobinson.com today. Via: In Style




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