Book Review: We Go To The Gallery


Many of us will remember reading books as children that were designed to teach us new words and concepts. Author Miriam Elia has decided to use this format to create a satirical book about visiting a gallery. It’s written in a tongue in cheek manner and some of the humour in it is brilliant.

A case in point is the image above of a mum trying to explain conceptual art to her children, all the while leaving the children utterly confused.  It’s a short book so we won’t give away too many of the brilliant jokes within but suffice to say it’s very cutting of the current state of art. Some of the best lines come from the mum spouting random pseudo-philosophical thoughts such as ‘death is an illusion’.

The biting humour goes right through to the publishing house as ‘Dung Beetle Learning’, like the Ladybird books but much more excremental. For anyone sick of the current state of contemporary art and to anyone within the art world, this book will bring a smile to your faces.

We go to the gallery by Miriam Elia is on sale and available in bookshops.


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