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INTERVIEW with L.A Artist Steven Harrington about his new show at colette

FAD caught up with L.A artist Steven Harrington during his show at colette in Paris
We managed to ask him a few questions about his show and his work.


1 Does living in L.A effect the work you produce?Yes. I’d have to say it’s primarily the weather that effects me the most. It’s sunny 360 days a year, average of warm weather (75 degrees) year around, and clear skies most of the year. I think its why I’m not afraid to use color and get a little crazy with the imagery. We’re essentially painting at the beach!


2 Can you tell us about your work and what are the main ideas you try and express.
For this most recent show I wanted to explore the idea of Anxiety. Here’s my artist statement from the show, I think it just about sums it all up? :

“It seems that all my life I’ve dealt with anxiety. Like many folks nowadays, I’m no stranger to feelings of worry, stress, apprehension, and even fear. Sometimes the feelings are constant and then sometimes I can go weeks or months without experiencing an anxious moment. But, in taking an honest look at my feelings, I’ve discovered that most of my anxiety is really of my own making—a pointless waste of emotional energy over things in the world I simply cannot control. Sometimes life just happens. Through these paintings, I have found a way to deal with my own anxiety. To me, the paintings have become a way of making fun of these annoying moments and worrisome voices that I have in my head. I’ve purposely chosen to paint these emotions as playful cartoons in the hope of shedding humor on and giving perspective to the subjects. Please note the titles. I hope you enjoy.”

3 How has it been working with Colette?

It’s been absolutely amazing. Colette is extremely organized and efficient, so it’s made the journey very pleasurable and one to remember! The whole team has been incredible. I’m kind of jealous that I have to get on a plane to go home, and they get to continue to work together making such cool things in such a cool city with such a cool group of people!

4 This is a new body of work, why show it in Paris? why Colette?
The time was right. I’ve been making the work over the past year and a half and Colette made complete sense. The colors, and quality and concept seem to work very well for the space so I’m quite happy about things. Also, my big brother recently re-located to Paris (he met a beautiful french woman back in 2008 during my first exhibition) and it’s been great to hang with family and friends in such an amazing city!

5 Name 3 Artists who have inspired you?
Milton Glaser, Jim Davis, Wilfred Limonious… Nuff Respect.

6 If you had $13,000 to spend on art which artists would you invest in?
I’d use the money to pay a manufacturer to make a big bronze sculpture for me.


7 What plans do you have for the following year?
I plan to keep painting and drawing. As long as I have my ‘health’ and family and friends with me, then everything else is a big red cherry on top.

“Wavy Days » de Steven Harrington through to September 26th colette 213 rue Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris / www.colette.fr



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