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Ben EINE’s 40 metre outdoor mural tagged by Sheikh Nahyan.

Sheikh Nahyan tags Ben EINE's Mural for British embassy in Dubai

Ahead  of  his  debut  solo  show  in  the  Gulf  region,  Ben  Eine  has  created  a  40 metre  outdoor artwork  on  the  perimeter  wall  of  the  British  Embassy  in  Abu  Dhabi.

In  a  truly  ground-breaking  moment  for  the  art  scene  in  the  region,  His  Excellency  Sheikh  Nahyan  bin  Mubarak  Al  Nahyan  joined  Her  Majesty’s  Ambassador  Philip  Parham  and  British  Council  Country  Director,  Marc  Jessel  to  inaugurate  the  wall,  with  His  Excellency  Sheikh  Nahyan  taking  up  a  spray  can  for  the  first  time,  to  personally  ‘tag’  the  wall.

 Sheikh  Nahyan  commented:  “This  is  the  second-oldest  building  in  in  Abu  Dhabi.  I  couldn’t  think  of  a  better  place  to  have  this  piece  of  art  as  it  represents  the  strong  relationship  between  the  UK  and  the  UAE  on  an  official  and  personal  level.  I  think  it  will  inspire  the  next  generation  of  artists  to  express  themselves.”

British Embassy wall in Abu Dhabi supported by the British Council.

As  part  of  the  project,  Eine  worked  alongside  students  from  Zayed  University  to  create  the  40 metre  Embassy  mural  that  reads,  ‘BEAUTY  IS  IN  THE  EYE  OF  THE  BEHOLDER’;  a  comment  on  the  juxtaposition  of  the  traditional  and  the  modern  that  encapsulates  the  dynamics  of  this  unique  region.

Eine  has  been  brought  to  the  region  by  Dubai  gallery  ARTSPACE  who  will  unveil  his  solo  show  Hand  in  Hand  on  Monday,  March  16th,  ahead  of  Art  Dubai  2015.

Eine  says,  “I’m  hoping  that  Abu  Dhabi’s  first  piece  of  street  art  will  inspire  the  next  generation  of  artists  in  the  same  way  that  the  discovery  of  Subway  art  inspired  me  all  those  years  ago  and  changed  the  course  of  my  life.  The  way  Sheikh  Nahyan  and  the  local  students  have  embraced  the  art  form  has  really  exceeded  my  expectations.”

Sheikha Alyazia Bint Nahyan Al of Anasy Media adds,

“Street art inspires and specifically graffiti which coincides brilliantly with Abu Dhabi’s artistic direction along with the creativity of the students involved in this


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