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GET YOUR ART ON FAD #143 Veronika Marquez

Ultima Cena Making from Veronika Marquez on Vimeo.

Here is the latest work from artist Veronika Marquez that features photography, video and performance.

In my childhood home there was a copy of “The Last Supper” on the wall, and I would spend many afternoons looking at that image, imagining what could be happening at that table.

My mother, being a good Christian, talked to me about who the “Lord” was, seated at the table in the photograph, and that it was “His Last Supper.” This gave way to my growing interest in that image.

In this way, this copy of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper,” in addition to being one of the first images I remember, is also a scene that accompanied many of my early years, becoming a part of my childhood. Now I bring it back to my present and decide to play with it and imagine myself in it.

This piece is my personal representation of “My Last Supper.” The project is carried out in my studio in Madrid, where different women pass through, women who are myself in different forms, characters from my previous self-portrait projects combined with those of the actual, current life, totaling 13 versions of my different “selves.”

It is a modern version of an image from a different era, but so recognizable by everyone, presented in photography, video, performance and book.

More Info: www.veronikamarquez.com

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