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ART OPENING: 100 Painters of Tomorrow Exhibition and Book Launch @BeersContemporary Thursday 27th November


LONDON  (1  Baldwin  Street,  London,  EC1V  9NU)  28th November  17th  January,  2015 www.beerscontemporary.com

To coincide with the release of 100 painters of Tomorrow (see below) Beers Contemporary opens an exhibition in London of the same name TONIGHT Thursday 27th November.

Also entitled,  ‘100  Painters  of  Tomorrow’  the  exhibitions  will  showcase  a  cross-?section of selected  work  by  the  majority  of  artists  included  in  the  publication.

The  work  of  these  talented  painters  spans  an  extraordinary  range  of  styles  and techniques from  abstraction  to  figuration,  minimalism  to  magical  realism,  traditional  oil-?on-?canvas and  mixed  media,  to  performance  and  installation-?based  painting.

Exhibiting  together  for the  first  time,  the  work  of  these  artists  (who  range  in  age from 23-?64)  offers  an  intriguing  insight  into  the  state  of  painting  today  by  providing personal  insight  into  the  thinking  and  creative  practices  of  the  100  artists  included therein.

List  of  exhibiting  artists:  Dale  Adcock,  Julieta  Aguinaco,  Chechu  Alava,  Kristina Alisauskaite,  Michael  Armitage,  Cornelia  Baltes,  Aglae  Bassens,  Emma  Bennett,  GL  Brierley, Sze  Yang  Boo,  Jane  Bustin,  Carla  Busuttil,  Blake  Daniels,  Adam  Dix,  Tomory  Dodge,  Dejan Dukic,  Zhang  Fan,  Marc  Freeman,  Nuno  Gil,  Pablo  Griss,  Kate  Groobey,  Andre  Hemer,  Akira Ikezoe,  Ewa  Juszkiewicz,  Lael  Marshall,  James  Kudo,  Guillermo  Mora,  Ryan  Mosley,  Kinga Nowak,  Sikelela  Owens,  Emily  Platzer,  Henrijs  Preiss,  Anna  Ring,  Richard  Roth,  Javanta Roy,  James  Ryan,  Andrew  Salgado,  Pawel  Sliwinski,  Lukasz  Stoklosa,  Evren  Sungur,  Emma Talbot,  Jirapat  Tatsanasomboon,  Aleksandar  Todorovic,  Ivana  De  Vivanco,  Mathew  Weir.

100  Painters  of  Tomorrow.  Authored  by  Director  Kurt  Beers  and published  by  the  UK’s leading  fine  art  publishers,  Thames  &  Hudson,  this  unique  and special  publication  is  the culmination  of  an  extensive  project  to  find  the  most exciting, fresh  and  up-?and-?coming emerging  painters  currently  at  work  worldwide.

LONDON  (1  Baldwin  Street,  London,  EC1V  9NU)  28th November  17th  January,  2015 www.beerscontemporary.com



The  book  is  an  intelligent,  wide-?ranging  and  exhilarating  survey  of  largely  unknown talent,  selected  by  a  distinguished  international  panel  including:  painter  Cecily  Brown; Director  of  London’s  Institute  of  Contemporary  Arts,  Gregor  Muir;  Head  of  Sharjah Biennale,  Yuko  Hasegawa,  author  of  PHAIDON’s  Painting  Today,  Tony  Godfrey;  and  author  of PHAIDON’s  Vitamin  P  (Eds.  I  &  II),  Barry  Schwabsky  among  others.  The  100  artists featured  therein  were  gathered  via  an  international  open-?call  for  submissions  that  drew over  4,300  applications  from  37  countries  including  Argentina,  Belgium,  Brazil,  Canada, China,  Germany,  India,  Iran,  Japan,  Mexico,  Poland,  Singapore,  South  Africa,  Turkey,  the UK  and  the  USA.  To  celebrate  the  release  of  ‘100  Painters  of  Tomorrow’  –  a  project that  has  been  2  years  in  the  making  –  Kurt  Beers  and  the  entire  team  at  Beers Contemporary  is  thrilled  to  be  collaborating  with  these  talented  and  internationally-?based painters  in  two  coinciding  exhibitions  in  London  and  New  York.





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