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ART PICS: Bamboo Skateboards


Makelab + HERObike weave durable bamboo composite skateboards


Is a collaborative design group developing social enterprises to benefit regions in need of employment and job training.

together with HERObike, the University of Kansas, and future partners, the company created a bicycle: That not only supports a sustainable and ecologically friendly-manufacturing process, but also provides a better life for residents of Greensboro, Alabama. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Makelab started producing bicycles under the brand name ‘The Semester’.

NOW taking this experience of creating advanced bamboo composites plus several months of research and development at the material studio in Mumbai, professor Lance Rake has developed another bamboo product. This time the bamboo skateboard. The approach

“uses the strength and vertical compliance of the plant, strengthened and stiffened in key areas with fiberglass and carbon fiber to make a deck that is fun, responsive, and visually appealing.”

The woven wood mats, top and bottom, are critical parts of an advanced sandwich core panel. This component is made of end-grain balsa, known to be the stiffest and most shear-resistant timber found in boatbuilding, experimental aircraft, and other high stress applications. furthermore, the ingredient also shows superior compressive and bonding strength to the skins, resulting in a structure that is not only strong, but extremely durable. Truck mounts are reinforced with baltic birch plywood and carbon fiber.


You can now buy the skateboard at HERObike after a successful Kickstarter Campaign : www.herobike.org/collections/skateboards




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