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LIVING WALLS from @MonikerProjects VIDEO#2: Mark McClure – ‘Uphoarding’


Living Walls is a major new art project as part of the London Legacy Development Corporation’s Arts & Culture strategy, aiming to create world-class art for everyone to enjoy in and around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Curated by Moniker Projects and Create, ‘Living Walls’ covers approximately 2.5km of hoarding and comprises of five main projects, ‘Your Ad Here’, ‘Tapestry’, ‘Uphoarding’, ‘Meet Me In The City’ and ‘The Review’, all of which will be on display at various locations around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for up to five years.

All of the projects work on a curatorial premise focused on the active participation of residents and businesses from the local community that border the Park. Featured artists include Turner Prize winner Jeremy Deller, David Batchelor, Ben Eine, David Shillinglaw, Jo Peel and Mark McClure, many of whom are locally based.

Over the next week we will be showcasing videos from the artists involved in the creation of some of these great
artworks up next we have Mark McClure:

Mark McClure – ‘Uphoarding’ for Living Walls on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
‘Uphoarding’ focuses on the growing significance of sustainability, up-cycling and re-cycling in the modern world.
Artist Mark McClure,’s 210 metre long artwork features 10 original ‘beacon’ pieces – a series of original vertical sculptures which have been fabricated with locally sourced materials from Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park’s redevelopment sites and discarded film sets from Sugar Mill Studios. The conceptual basis of these works is to reclaim the word ‘hoarding’ by transforming these locally sourced materials into original artworks of significant cultural and social value.

Download a Map and go see the ART HERE



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