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BOOK LAUNCH: ‘We Go To the Gallery’ @ Soho Parish Elementary School, Thursday 7th August 6-9pm

3J classroom, Soho Parish Primary School, 23 Great Windmill Street, London, W1D 7LF

We Go to the Gallery is arguably the most exciting at project of this year. The book shows Mummy and her two kids go to a gallery, where mummy explains contemporary art to her kids. The book was greeted with enthusiasm by everyone frustrated by contemporary art (which is almost anyone who has ever seen contemporary art), the publishing industry was less enthusiastic and Penguin/Ladybird sued the book for copyright infringements.

This event relaunches the book and also introduces the new publishing house – Dung Beetle, that aims to

1)help children to that there is nothing to understand,

2) ensure the child’s own opinions match those of the arts elite,

3)prepare the young people for a lifetime of crippling uncertainty.

Read the full press release here its hilarious:

Miriam Elia Press Release
miriam invite



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