ART NEWS: Your Very own Jeff Koons Balloon Dog made in China .

Jeff Koons, Balloon Dog (Yellow) (1994–2000) at the Whitney Museum.
Photo: Benjamin Sutton.

ArtNet has a report on how easy it now is to order your very own reproduction of a Jeff Koons Ballon Dog from China :

In an email they received from VLA today, representative Rebecca Wang said the company has received “many inquiries of this dog statue…but most customers said the price is too high in stainless steel.” She went on to indicate that by “studying this statue,” the company’s factory has found a new way to produce dog sculptures on the cheap, by replicating them in resin.

The two-page PDF list offers eight options of pricing based on material (stainless steel or resin) and dimensions, which are cited in inches and ranged from 19.7 inches high-by-19.7 inches long-by-7.88 inches wide up to 78 inches high-by-78 inches long-by-31.4 inches wide. For the largest size of balloon dog sculpture prices are $5,850 for stainless steel, but just $2,925 for resin (though the latter weighs 200 kilograms, considerably heavier than the steel, which is just 150 kilograms).
More over at Artnet

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