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REVIEW: Gilbert & George SCAPEGOATING PICTURES for London @_WhiteCube

SWEET AIR SWEET AIR 2013 89 x 124 13/16 in. (226 x 317 cm)

18th July – 28th September 2014 North Galleries and South Galleries, White Cube Bermondsey 144 – 152 Bermondsey Street London SE1 3TQ



Installation shot Photos: Jack Hems

Gilbert and George are like the Rolling Stones of the Artworld. Familiar riffs and styles that can only be them. A once authentic voice, twisted and turned through some samey routines, but now their art is back and fabulously ontime with an explosive mix of Nitrogen Oxide drug canisters, Islamic militants, the Queen and general proles of Spitalfields. All these themes and characters are mashed up into Gilbert and George remix. Works like Ahimsa and Fast & Furious and Zeal are great examples of blood Royal red black and white photos with Gilbert on one side and George on the other like traffic wardens directing your eyes.

And like the Stones they seem a bit too old now to get any satisfaction, but they try.

Go and give your eyes a feast and go see it.

p.s. They actually turn up to the private view. Bonus.

Words: Keld Van Schreven

Gilbert & George WELCOME 2013 148 7/16 x 250 in. (377 x 635 cm)

Watch a Video of Gilbert &George discussing their exhibition : bit.ly/1AivAeD

In the film, Gilbert & George discuss their ‘SCAPEGOATING PICTURES for London’, which they see as modern townscapes of contemporary London.They talk about the moral dimensional of their work and how these pictures ask important questions of the viewer.



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